We develop AR and VR Apps for any industry

HeadApp’s mission is to help companies adopt Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies in order to:

  • Manage customer service without the need for in-person expert assistance
  • Digitize and carry out remote inspections, certifications and testing activities
  • Train technicians via virtual reality simulations of the operating contexts

Eye4Training, a virtual reality solution, recreates real scenarios in 3D virtual environments for an innovative, safer and more effective training. Eye4Task, the AR remote assistance software, allows the field workforce, also operating in critical contexts, to perform complex tasks led by experts remotely, located anywhere in the world. Through Eye4Care, medical specialists can collaborate with frontline staff for remote medical diagnosis and treatment.



Eye4Training accelerates the learning curve and makes any training more effective thanks to the opportunity for full immersion training in virtual 3D scenarios to practice in complete safety.



Eye4Task allows field operators to connect with domain experts remotely and work hands-free using smart glasses, supported by Augmented Reality tools.



Eye4Care improves patient history and makes quicker diagnosis possible by connecting specialists and ward/ home caregivers through audio/video to offer remote medical consultation.