A&T 2022: Scenarios for Industrial Automation

The sixteenth edition of the “Automation & Testing” trade fair showed how much small and medium-sized companies want to make a real breakthrough in their digitalization processes.
HeadApp was among the 400 Italian exhibitors who attended  in person, the A&T at the Lingotto Oval in Turin. “It was a pleasure to be there. Essentially for two reasons: this was the last trade show HeadApp was able to attend in person in 2020.  Then, and above all, because A&T, with its focus on Automation and Testing, has always represented one of the best stages upon which to communicate the values of the Eye4Task platform,” comments Marco Zanella, Business Development & Sales at HeadApp.

But how far into the digitalization process is the Italian industry? And what kind of solutions are companies looking for?

Digital Transition: Competitive Advantage for 53% of SMEs

The trade show dedicated to Innovation, Technologies, Reliability and Skills 4.0 presented companies with tools that can meet the need for production that is truly:

  • Innovative
  • Safe
  • Sustainable
  • Effective
  • Flexible

Many business leaders have realized the importance of digital transformation to remain competitive and ensure high standards of safety for their workers. However, some companies fail to implement a fully digitized business model due to internal “cultural limitations.”

What to do? “We need concrete and far-sighted industrial policies and investments, involving entire ecosystems,” points out Luciano Malgaroli, CEO of A&T Fair. This reflects what emerged from a Milan Polytechnic research, presented at the opening of the event in Turin from April 6 to 8.

According to the report of the Osservatorio Innovazione Digitale nelle PMI (Digital Innovation Observatory for SMEs), to 53% of SMEs the digital transition offers a real competitive advantage . The remaining part, however, is not convinced of its benefits, so much so that it invests in innovation only because it is convenient. Within this 47%, then, are those entrepreneurs who do not accept any change related to the adoption of enabling technologies in their company.

Eye4Task: a Concrete Solution for Business Digitization

While these data show that the Italian industry has a long way to go to complete the digital transformation process, on the other hand, A&T made it possible to test the determination of those visionary companies that believe in technological innovation.

“In this fair we met manufacturing companies active on the territory. Entrepreneurial realities looking for concrete solutions to meet their needs for the automation of field operations processes. Specifically of:

  • Objectification and support of activities during the installation of industrial machinery
  • Support to its technicians during the start-up in the plant
  • Quality control during production phases
  • Machinery Assistance to customers

Eye4Task today is able to respond to these needs thanks to the evolutions of the platform introduced over the years. These are the result of HeadApp‘s ability to listen to the requests of the ‘factory’: indications and suggestions that have become part of our guidelines”, explains HeadApp Business Development & Sales.

Modularity and Robustness of E4T for Field Operations

“The Eye4Task project, born 8 years ago, had the objective of responding only to the need for hands-free support in front of the machinery. But today I can’t help but see how much progress has been made not only in terms of platform robustness, but above all in terms of additional functionalities (with a modular approach) able to meet all the above requirements”, continues Zanella.

Efforts that take into consideration the real and changing needs of companies. “Therefore, Eye4Task does not present itself to its customers as an aseptic monolith of the ecosystem with which it will have to interact today and forever. Far from it.

Rather, thanks to its modularity, it can grow dynamically to be adapted to the specific needs of a company. It would not have made sense to use Eye4Task to replicate the technologies already available in other systems in the company, such as:

  • TMS (Ticketing Management Systems)
  • CM (Content Management Systems)
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

We are well aware of this,” says Zanella. Therefore, the ‘ready2use’ platform has been equipped with the ability to interact with these factory systems. In this way, Eye4Task can become the container of all the information already available in the company that the operator in front of the machine needs “.

Therefore, Eye4Task can fully respond autonomously to all the requirements for the automation of field operations processes. Also, wherever necessary, it can be integrated with systems already present in the company.

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