Astron Group chooses Eye4Task for remote support

HeadApp is now an official partner of Astron Group, one of the top companies in the supply of Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Mining, Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure industry sectors. Astron has chosen Eye4Task to tackle the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Astron has always focused on high-quality and safety services; thus, the decision to stand by its clients during the pandemic. Indeed, Astron continues to providing them with support and high quality services, making the most of HeadApp solutions and smart glasses technology. The restrictions introduced to contain the pandemic were necessary to ensure the health and the safety of employees; at the same time, though, they can slow down a company’s project. Eye4Task is the best solution to face the current negative circumstances, when specialists are unable to visit companies and offer their testing and support services to clients.

Remote Assistance, Astron and Eye4Task

Astron offers advanced technology services such as technical support for ITC, Testing, Inspections and Certifications, writing of company reports. During the lockdown, the company worked hard in order to continue offering high-quality services to its clients and tried to overcome the problem of physical distancing that prevented technicians from being present in different locations.

Remote support technology turned out to be the best solution to this problem. Astron engineers tested Eye4Task software and found out that it satisfied the company’s needs and met its inspection and testing quality requirements. In particular, Astron carried out simulations in different workplaces, with very good results as to what concerns inspection especially when compared to conventional methods. The employees involved were trained through tests simulating real work situations with remote specialists and on site technicians. After this simulation period, Astron provided its clients with smart glasses that would help the latter receive remote support by inspectors. When inspectors were able to be on the premises despite the lockdown, a remote supervisor, in charge of preparing checklists and organizing external interventions, supports them in turn.

Remote assistance, what are the advantages?

Thanks to smart glasses, engineers can receive support and assistance from supervisors during inspections. The software enables a remote mentor to support the operator on site, who can carry out tasks in real time avoiding operational errors. Eye4Task generates accurate automatic reports on the work carried out by operators, with the opportunity to add images or videos of collected data, in compliance with a company’s privacy policy. In fact, cryptography is used to protect data, which are saved on Amazon AWS secure and high-quality servers. Moreover, the mentor can give the operator a checklist, staying connected until the task in all its stages is completed. Once all operations the mentor had assigned through Eye4Task are completed and checked off, the inspection is completed. Thus, the remote specialist together with the on-site operator implement the assigned task in compliance with quality requirements, and their work can be certified thanks to a detailed report that the company will have to approve before delivering it to the client.

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