Empower frontline workers with remote training and support, all in one solution.


Augmented Reality Software for Remote Collaboration

Eye4Task is a true collaborative platform connecting technicians and experts remotely to accelerate workflows and decision-making processes through AR and KET. Eye4Task significantly improves productivity because it allows to:

  • speed up on-field technicians’ training
  • eliminate the travel costs of experts
  • reduce the duration of interventions and the risk of errors
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Field Support and Remote Assistance

Eye4Task allows audio/video communication between on-field operators and assistance centers, the Support Room participating remotely in the activities.


From their smartphones, operators can start a video call, begin a chat, fill out a checklist, take georeferenced photos and receive annotations via AR.


Experts in the Support Room remotely manage support requests and guide technicians throughout their field activities with collaborative and Augmented Reality tools.


Throughout their smart glasses, operators can perform their tasks hands-free, using simple voice commands to request and receive support, and share what they see.

Ready to Use and Scalable

Eye4Task is a simple, secure and scalable cloud-based platform. Available both as SaaS in multi-cloud (Amazon AWS and Google GPC) and in private-cloud on-premises, it activates in a few hours and allows you to be immediately operational, anywhere, safely.

Easy Use and Configuration

Eye4Task has an intuitive web interface designed for both SMEs and corporate companies and has a smartphones and smart glasses optimized Android App, with a specific UI/UX for each device. Each company can configure its platform independently, and customize it according to its needs, from the very first click.

Available in White Label

Eye4Task is also available in White Label, for those who want the remote support App to appear as their own service. Its open architecture also facilitates integration with third party systems (knowledge base and IoT platforms) through APIs and previously developed connectors.

    Main Features

    What You Can Do with Eye4Task

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      Georeferenced Activities

      Certify the exact place and time of an activity, with georeferenced photos and a digital signature, thanks to InfoCert’s GeoSign technology.

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      Knowledge Sharing

      Allow operators to access video podcasts, documents and files that can help them manage field interventions, by loading them in advance in the Wiki section.

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      Multicast Collaborations

      Allow remote simultaneous connection of multiple experts to follow and support the activities of technicians and collaborate remotely to improve field interventions.

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      Data Analysis

      Monitor the progress of field activities with Business Intelligence techniques to track results and improve performances.

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      Recording and Review

      Record on-field activities to review and analyze all operations performed during the intervention.

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      Activity Management

      Create checklists, procedures and work instructions to optimize operational workflows and on-field technicians’ performance.

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      Real-Time Chat

      Connect via chat the Support Room and on-field operators for real-time sharing of information and documents useful to manage on-field intervention.

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      Augmented Reality Tools

      Use AR tools, such as viewfinder and freehand drawing, for timely and more effective assistance.

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      See-What-I-See Technology

      Uses SWIS technology for e-learning and remote support allowing instructors and operators to share what they see through their smart glasses.

    Reason why

    Including AR in your business development strategy pays off

    Reduced time to interpret work instructions


    Reduced time to interpret work instructions
    Factory downtime Reduction


    Factory downtime Reduction
    Errors Reduction


    Errors Reduction
    Time saving


    Time saving

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