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Digital know-how: AR and Artificial Intelligence

Passing on knowledge from experts nearing retirement to new talents by focusing on Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. This is one of the solutions companies have been using to prevent crucial techni...

progettazione automobilistica

AR in Manufacturing Design Process

It is long past the time when Augmented and Virtual Reality were exclusive to gaming. From medicine to logistics, from construction to training, several industries have discovered the advantages of immersive te...

marketing e realtà aumentata

Augmented Reality, Marketing and Business

Exploiting the enormous potential of Augmented Reality in marketing helps companies to stand out and be competitive on the market. Over the last years, an enormous change in consumer habits and in the purchasin...

Assicurazioni digitali

Digital insurance, the Challenge of Phygital Engagement

Improving customer experience and offering highly customized services: these challenges could bring growth and real profits to the insurance industry. The turning point in digital insurance – driven by th...