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AR for maintenance, repair and overhaul

Table of Contents What MRO consists of and why it is importantWhat is Augmented Reality?How and why does AR help optimize MRO work?Augmented reality in preventive maintenanceThe advantages of AR for MROThe cha...

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Remote assistance to caregivers of cancer patients: the A.R.C.O. project

Table of Contents Oncology patients and PICCsDifficulties for patients in PICC managementProject goalsThe A.R.C.O. solutionPoint-of-careA new organizational modelAdvantages In autumn 2022 the A.R.C.O. project...

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Wearable Devices, the future becoming the present?

Table of Contents Enabling technologies: how the market has changed since the pandemicDeskless solutions to improve work, some best practicesThe user-centered approachCertifying the work performedWearable devi...

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Eye4Task for maintenance of a plant producing fixtures

Table of Contents The use case: corrective maintenance of a plant that produces window framesPlant reactivation using Eye4TaskFollow preset checklists and instructionsReal-time assistance help to detect and so...