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Eye4Task, the New User Interface Design

Combining best practices with customer feedback to improve user experience, especially in “mission-critical contexts”, is not just a priority, but a virtue. Precisely this combination was one of the main drives...

commercio retail con realtà aumentata

Retail, the Advantages of Augmented Reality

The Retail business can enormously benefit from Augmented Reality. These benefits generally involve both cost reduction for retail companies and a better shopping experience for customers. Travel restrictions e...


Smart Glasses, What They Are and How to Choose Them

Technological advancement within a business environment can make the difference for  professionals. In particular, smart glasses have simplified several time-consuming and expensive operations. Indeed, technolo...

privacy e riconoscimento facciale

Privacy and Facial Recognition: How to Respect Them on a Video Call

Privacy and facial recognition using biometric data are currently among the most debated topics. Whether in a public place or at work, we have to deal with devices able to detect our face, to track it, and then...