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evento E&T

A&T 2022: Scenarios for Industrial Automation

The sixteenth edition of the “Automation & Testing” trade fair showed how much small and medium-sized companies want to make a real breakthrough in their digitalization processes. HeadApp was am...

VTM ospite HeadApp

VTM 2022:  Eye4Task’s Concrete Approach

Focusing on technological innovation to boost development and make the automotive and transport industry more competitive. This was the central theme of the 2022 edition of the VTM, which finally took place in ...

sicurezza cantieri

Construction Sites Safety with AR Applications

Improving safety on construction sites is every company’s goal. However, this goal still appears far from realization, especially with the worrying data coming from the construction industry. At a global level,...

realwear comparazione smartglasses

RealWear Navigator 500 and HMT-1: What Differences

RealWear Navigator 500 is the latest wearable device produced by the leader in wearable assisted reality solutions in the industrial sector. This latest generation monocular smart glasses enhances the technical...