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Manufacturing the AR Revolution

Manufacturing: the Augmented Reality Revolution

Digitization is revolutionizing the manufacturing sector with significant improvements in process optimization and performance. In an ever-changing world, technological innovations enhance human capital. The re...

work instruction headapp

Work instructions: efficiency and safety in the production process

Digitization is speeding up the pace of companies, who now require increasingly advanced hi-tech solutions to be competitive and ensure the efficiency of production processes. For example, collaborative platfor...


Astron Group chooses Eye4Task for remote support

HeadApp is now an official partner of Astron Group, one of the top companies in the supply of Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Mining, Engineering, Con...

smart glasses ed Eye4Task in Cina per Ducker

Duecker Robotics uses HeadApp to support partner company’s technicians in China

In the current global crisis, technology is essential to guarantee continuous support and assistance to those companies that work in partnership with others in the manufacturing of their products. The Covid-19 ...