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privacy e riconoscimento facciale

Privacy and Facial Recognition: How to Respect Them on a Video Call

Privacy and facial recognition using biometric data are currently among the most debated topics. Whether in a public place or at work, we have to deal with devices able to detect our face, to track it, and then...

intervista astron

Remote certifications: Astron Group anticipates the future

“With the travel freeze, imposed by the pandemic, there was a risk of huge economic damage. Think about related processes, such as the certifications for vehicles used on a construction site. Without an i...

produzione bottiglie

Precise and Reliable Calibration with Wearable Devices

Machinery calibration is one of the most important processes to maintain high quality production standards. As a result of digital transformation and heightened competition between companies, the use of smart g...

support room come funziona

Support Room: remote AR collaboration

The Support Room is one of the two core features of the Eye4Task software, the other being the auditing function, with the execution of checklists included in the tasks. Remote support allows a mentor and an op...