Bureau Veritas remote support for personnel safety

The case of the Eye4Task application in Bureau Veritas’ activities, an international company present worldwide, confirms how remote support and wearable devices can create work scenarios where there aren’t distances and safety is increased.
Last year, Bureau Veritas chose Eye4Task to conduct audits at various industrial plants under the SEVESO directive:

“These tools allowed field operators in ATEX (Explosive Atmosphere) classified areas to interact in real time with technicians and officials connected remotely at the client’s offices and our operational offices in Rome and Milan, effectively managing the inspection.” [Bureau Veritas Newsroom]

Bureau Veritas prioritizes business safety

Since 1828, Bureau Veritas has been at the forefront of the market by introducing new services and establishing a global presence, particularly in the Oil & Gas, and Power sectors, regarding inspections, compliance checks, and certifications required to ensure a high level of safety.

Investing in innovation with Sarlux refinery

Sarlux refinery, one of the largest in the Mediterranean in terms of production capacity and plant complexity, entrusted Bureau Veritas with audits within complex equipment, confined spaces, and explosion-risk zones classified as ATEX at the Sarlux facility in Sarroch (CA) on the southwest coast of Cagliari, utilizing innovative Eye4Task systems with a remote collaboration platform on smart glasses.

The Eye4Task solution

The use of Eye4Task enabled on-site personnel at the Sarroch facility to interact in real time with remote technical staff while keeping their hands free to perform various tests and measurements.
Field personnel could request and receive support through voice commands and share the intervention area using an integrated camera to verify parameters such as general asset conditions, internal and external wear status, valve conditions, etc.

Key advantages

Collaborating remotely with technical personnel and experts allows for faster execution of interventions without compromising quality and reduces company costs by minimizing travel.
The winning combination to working safely, ensuring personnel protection from potential incidents in mission-critical or inaccessible contexts with limited connectivity.
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