Increasing Business Profits with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation offers a real opportunity to increase business profits. Recent studies show that a growing number of companies have invested in new technologies to accelerate their growth and gain competitive advantge.

In fact, digital transformation positively benefits the efficiency and performance of operators and, with these, profits.

Because of the pandemic and of the travel restrictions enforced, companies have begun to introduce hi-tech tools in the production cycle, such as smart glasses and collaborative platforms in Augmented Reality to respond adequately to market demands and to reduce costs, such as maintenance, labor and experts’ travel expenses.

Reducing Maintenance and Travel Costs

Digital transformation has an effect on company profits: it leads to efficient production flows that reduce costs. Think about maintenance: traditional maintenance is outdated as digital enterprises adopt smart maintenance. This reduces the risk of downtime and, therefore, of production stoppages that would otherwise entail exorbitant costs for companies.

Digital transformation also reduces the travel costs of experts who, thanks to wearable devices in AR, can complete tasks “hands-free” through remote assistance. So, by looking at what the on field technician frames with his smart glasses, it is as if the professional were in the field. These solutions improve collaboration and professionalism within a company, in addition to benefiting professional performance and collaboration, and the company’s profits.

Equipping experts with hi-tech tools, IoT and Augmented Reality means helping to improve their tasks, from assembly to logistics, from maintenance to calibration, from quality control of products and of services offered, to assistance. Always maintaining high quality standards and preserving workers’ safety.

Greater efficiency and reduced intervention times

Changing a company’s business paradigm is not that immediate, though. In fact, a shift to a digital culture is necessary that can lead to a concrete change in the company’s mind-set, also in terms of leadership.

With renewed business models, a wide use of advanced technological tools, a new way to conceive of internal resources and of an approach to work, the whole production cycle will improve, and, consequently, the user experience of customers, suppliers, as well as partners and the satellite activities involved in production and in the company’s core business.

Even workers, after an initial, natural reluctance to digital transformation, will embrace the new mentality based on optimization and streamlining. With the use of smart glasses and other wearable devices intervention times are reduced.

Tasks, following the Eye4Task check-list drawn up for each type of intervention or inspection, are more accurate, precise and fast. In fact, the technician concentrates on the activity, “hands-free”, without wasting time in reading manuals or post-audit reports.

Better competitiveness and customer satisfaction

To increase a company’s profits, one of the concrete solutions available today is to embrace digital transformation, and hi-tech solutions that streamline all procedures and expert tasks, even remotely. By improving performance and the entire production cycle, digital transformation reduces production waste, fostering sustainability. Therefore, it positively impacts on the financial aspect of the company.

The digital enterprise has numerous advantages as it improves the efficiency of employees, assets, customers, suppliers, even in “mission critical” contexts, which leads to an increase in profits. It also generates better feedback from customers, who play a central role in the company’s digital strategy.

In effect, providing the best answers to customers’ requests in an increasingly competitive market means satisfying them with an ever more customized and accurate user experience.
Within this context, the task of digital transformation is to intercept customers’ needs and know how to satisfy them. As a result, customers will be more involved, more willing to try and buy a product or a service, even when the latter is more expensive than others.

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