Eye4Care: an effective tool for biomedical laboratory activities

In 2022, Headapp played a leading role with the Eye4Care platform in the first project presented by the Co-Innovation LAB in Rome. The challenge, carried out at the Bio-Medical Campus in Rome, concerned the preparation of histological samples from surgical resected specimens as part of pathological anatomy procedures.

The case study: the sampling of surgical resections in pathological anatomy

The case study that was worked on within the Co-Innovation LAB concerned the procedures used to prepare histological samples from surgical resections during pathological anatomy procedures.

Macroscopic reporting and sampling of surgical resections

When reporting a specimen, it is necessary to be focused on one’s work without having to interrupt one’s evaluations to take notes on paper or computer or – again – to take the necessary photos for the documentation.

Thanks to the use of smart glasses and Eye4Care, it is possible to carry out all operations hands-free by dictating notes and taking photos directly from the device. In this way the workflow is not interrupted, and the material is automatically saved and made available for consultation.

“I was able to carry out my activity without interruptions and with ease, and I could supplement the macroscopic description with documentary photographs that are useful for those who will receive the result of my work” 

Lorenzo Nibid, MD School of Specialisation in Pathological Anatomy, Campus Bio-Medical University of Rome.

Remote tutoring on complex sampling

In the case of complex sampling, it may be necessary to consult with an experienced pathologist to operate on the sample so that it can later be analyzed correctly. However, having an expert available is not always possible and the risk of operating incorrectly on the sample can compromise the reporting phase.

By using smart glasses and using the video call function with the Eye4Care support room, the person who is operating on the resected specimen can receive instructions directly from the specialist, who observes on the computer how they are proceeding and visualizes exactly where they are standing and their point of view. Remotely, therefore, the expert doctor can guide the operations and request photographic evidence that enables him to improve the accuracy of his work and speed up reporting times.

“I am convinced that participating remotely in the production of the specimens that I will have to analyze by requesting specific photographic evidence of surgical resections will allow me to better contextualize, anticipate any information gaps and thus significantly reduce the time to produce the report”

Giuseppe Perrone, Full Professor of Pathological Anatomy, Director of the Pathological Anatomy Research Unit, Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

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Co-Innovation Lab and Eye4Care: a meeting for innovation

Born at the beginning of 2022 from the collaboration among Cisco, Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and Marzotto Venture Accelerator, the Co-Innovation LAB is a reality dedicated to scientific innovation where new and unprecedented initiatives can be launched by sharing skills, ideas and technologies with the aim of seizing the opportunities offered by digital transformation. The laboratory targets the digital health sector and beyond, selecting projects inspired by models of sustainability, circularity and digital transition.

HeadApp’s involvement within the Co-Innovation LAB was made possible thanks to the innovative reality incubator Marzotto Venture Accelerator.
In fact, in 2020 HeadApp was selected together with Brain Innovations and Exo Lab Italia among over 500 projects that had participated in the ‘Covid-19 Challenge‘ promoted by the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome and Marzotto Venture Accelerator.
The Call for Ideas aimed to support and accelerate projects that, by exploiting emerging technologies, would intervene in healthcare, production and social contexts in order to ensure business & life continuity.

The acceleration path, which ended at the end of 2021, made it possible to identify Cisco Webex as the technological partner for integrating the Eye4Care features and for testing the product within the Co-Innovation LAB.