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We are partners with technology leaders such as Infocert e Digisky, our AR and VR solutions focus on-field support and training.

The story

Headapp was founded in 2014 by a team of Italian entrepreneurs passionate about technology and aviation. Thanks to the extraordinary expertise of its founder, ESA astronaut Maurizio Cheli, who has tested the first HUD military system in the late ‘80s and 90s, HeadApp had developed an innovative solution for the General Aviation aircrafts that allows pilots to receive real-time flight data wearing smart glasses at their sight.
That is where all it begins. (And now we moved to Industry 4.0 with the same excellent quality)


Headapp’s line of products synthesizes and bring to commercial standards the founders’ expertise in the fields of aerospace and software developments. Our mission is to help people in everyday activities through the use of smart wearable devices and IoT technologies.
We focus on enhancing human capabilities of performing daily tasks by improving Human-Computer interaction while maintaining the maximum level of accuracy.

What we do

We help people in everyday work using smart wearable devices. For any field, we provide intuitive AR and VR solutions for the Enterprise needed to more effectively train employees and improve safety in mission-critical context. Founded within a well-established holding, in 2018 HeadApp has become part of Eco-Mind Ingegneria Informatica focuses on specific application areas, where smart glasses become the most effective support tool for professional activities.

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