Digital know-how: AR and Artificial Intelligence

Passing on knowledge from experts nearing retirement to new talents by focusing on Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. This is one of the solutions companies have been using to prevent crucial technical knowledge from being lost, and to ensure the transfer of retirees’ know-how to new hires.

This implies the digitization of the entire production cycle, which naturally has an impact on the company’s internal resources.

Indeed, several companies run the risk of losing knowledge about procedures, such as carrying out machine maintenance or a delicate inspection. But archiving and documenting these procedures thanks to advanced technology can sensibly reduce this risk.

Improving Business Know-How with AR and Artificial Intelligence

An aging workforce is one of the most insidious obstacles for companies. So much so that it represents a challenge for the coming years. How to face it and how to evaluate the know-how that needs transferring? With the company’s digital transformation.

Smart glasses equipped with collaborative platforms in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are advanced technologies that allow companies to overcome this obstacle by bridging the knowledge gap between retiring staff and new hires right from training.

With interactive, remote checklists and video calls, training has an added value. New hires can be trained anywhere, anytime, reducing training costs and without wasting company resources. Thanks to AR and Artificial Intelligence tools, everything becomes smarter.

The new team members follow procedures and work instructions by watching video recordings made during a field inspection. They know they can also access this material off-line or with “see what I see” collaboration, which is among the most formative opportunities immersive technologies can offer.

New Technicians In the Field “Hands-Free”

Senior experts, then, are able to share their knowledge in real time with the company’s next generation of workers. They can do this while working “hands-free” in the field, documenting and sharing their work thanks to all the tools of the ready2use platform Eye4Task.

Among these, the Support Room becomes the optimal solution to provide assistance to new hires on their first experiences in the field.

Even after being trained, they may happen to find themselves dealing with interventions that require the advice of a senior. Wearing wearable devices equipped with E4T in AR, they have access to the Support Room thanks to the voice command which, unlike any other tool, offers the opportunity to have more mentors in a single call, “many to many”.

Then, the technician on site, with “hands-free” solutions, receives real-time advice to conclude the task. New hires can instantly put into practice senior experts’ advice and promptings, learning  on the job. This type of training adds to that occurring in AR and VR-equipped classroooms.

Precise and high-performance know-how

Artificial Intelligence helps new hires acquire expertise quickly and timely to be used for inspections and field interventions. The automated management of files and data can help companies save time and reduce training costs. These aspects have a positive impact on company profits.

The pre-compiled check-lists make the tasks more streamlined: the new employees, following the various phases “hands free”, are helped and guided. If they need remote assistance, they can access the video call with a senior expert.

From training to work in the field, they quickly acquires autonomy and strengthens their knowledge base. And make sure that the company know-how is not lost.

Performance improves: there is no improvisation but competence acquired over time and through training. The digital solutions adopted by the company make the professional autonomous, while still ensuring collaboration with colleagues in delicate situations.

Thus, the transfer of know-how between technicians close to retirement and new hires is preserved without causing disruption in production cycles.

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