Duecker Robotics uses HeadApp to support partner company’s technicians in China

In the current global crisis, technology is essential to guarantee continuous support and assistance to those companies that work in partnership with others in the manufacturing of their products. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the sudden stop of several supply chains, making it difficult for many firms to achieve their goals. Among these companies, Duecker Robotics was able to meet its clients’ needs by continuing offering them ongoing and accurate support thanks to the HeadApp software.

Here is why HeadApp is the best solution for companies’ remote support.

HeadApp technology robotic systems installation

Duecker Robotics, part of the Duecker GMBH group, is a world leader in the supply of robotic systems for the corrugated cardboard industry. With over 180 robotic systems installed worldwide, Duecker Robotics needs to provide an accurate support even to remote partners. In order to assist one of the company’s clients located in China, Duecker Robotics has recently provided its partner with smart glasses, essential to carry out the installation of a corrugated cardboard preefeeder system, used to corrugate the sheets during manufacturing, in total safety. Thanks to the smart glasses, Chinese technicians were able to receive support from German specialists, who could follow every step of the process, from the installation of the system to its final check.

Innovation and remote assistance

The Eye4Task software for smart glasses, provided by HeadApp, found new possibilities of use. In a severe and unpredictable situation, Eye4Task had a central role in allowing an international company such as Duecker to continue carrying out its activities in safe and healthy working conditions, fully respecting the emergency measures. HeadApp CEO Massimo Banino thus commented on this important result: “When we designed Eye4Task, we had not foreseen it would become an essential tool to provide support in locations made inaccessible because of a pandemic!

This is what happened to Dueker, one of our Italian American clients, which was able to guarantee its system maintenance in China by sending some smart glasses to its technicians on site. In this way, during maintenance interventions, they could receive direct support from specialists located in Germany. This is a perfect example of how wearable devices and Augmented Reality can overcome geographic barriers and allow companies to operate in difficult situations, such as the ban on travelling or on having contacts with other people. It is a silver lining in the current, extremely negative situation caused by the pandemic”.

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