Eye4Task, the New User Interface Design

Combining best practices with customer feedback to improve user experience, especially in “mission-critical contexts”, is not just a priority, but a virtue. Precisely this combination was one of the main drives that led us to update the ready2use Eye4Task platform in order to respond to market demands.

The restyling concerns the user interface of the App for smartphones and tablets and the introduction of the “Picture-in-Picture” feature, also available on smart glasses.
Changes that mark the evolution of E4T, making the collaborative platform more intuitive, interactive and easier to navigate and use.

Let’s discover what’s new.

Restyling E4T: User Interface Review

E4T’s new layout features revised graphics for tablets and smartphones: in fact, the icons have been adapted to improve content visibility on the different screens used by operators, especially in “mission critical” contexts. Specifically, the restyling of the user interface offers a new menu bar, always visible and more immediately accessible.


The visualization of the checklist tools has been updated following the Android design guidelines  and customer feedback. For E4T users, the description field of the tools has been increased: as a result, they can see more detailed instructions to perform and compile their tasks.



For HeadApp, innovation, based on customers’ invaluable feedback, is what allows us to constantly move forward: it means to focus on our evolution, on our continuous improvement and update to offer products and services that can actually help remote experts and professionals on the field. In fact, we are already working on the introduction of new tools to meet the needs of customers in particular use cases.

Among these, for example, the “Video Recording” tool with which the on field operator can record short videos of the intervention/inspection in progress.

E4T’s New Navigability : the “Picture-in-Picture”

The restyling of the E4T collaborative platform introduces a new feature to make the video call between the Support Room and the operator in the field more effective. It’s the “Picture-in-Picture” (PiP), a video playback mode that increases real-time collaboration between experts.

During the live session with the Support Room, the field operator can reduce the video stream to a thumbnail and move it to a corner of the screen, where he or she feels most comfortable. In the live session, the field technician can fill out the checklist in real time, with support from the remote mentor. It’s as if you’re working four-handedly to fix, say, a fault or complete an inspection with all the tools at your disposal.



Also, the PiP allows to further reduce intervention times. With the new version, the expert in the field, while on video call, can access the E4T tools, continuing his collaboration with the Support Room to perform the remaining steps and to complete the activity.

Constant Improvement

The development roadmap of Eye4Task always takes into account those aspects related to the stability and security of the platform. With this in mind,  we optimize the server components involved at each new release. Among these, for example, is the Media Server, which manages the audio/video streams of calls between operator and mentor in real time, and the integrations with third-party systems, making available the structured checklists to operators, who will then fill them out.

Several new features, therefore, that enrich the E4T collaborative platform on both tablets and smartphones, so as to concretely meet the  specific needs and demands of customers. With the new and more intuitive icons, the new menu modes and the update of navigability resulting from the introduction of PiP, we want to continue our innovation process.

The release follows the latest mobile design and development guidelines; it takes into account all the users’ requests, especially those coming from operators in the field. They are the ones who have provided motivating feedback and ideas for the continuous evolution of E4T.

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