Eye4Task for Leonardo Aircraft Division

The recently established partnership between Leonardo S.p.A. and Eye4Task will see the client company utilizing the on-premises Eye4Task platform to enhance maintenance processes by integrating the expertise of personnel with remote support.

The innovation of processes in maintenance has benefits for operational personnel and a company’s productivity.

Leonardo for Aerospace, Defense, and Security

Leonardo develops multi-domain operational capabilities in the Aerospace, Defense, and Security sectors. The company is involved in major international strategic programs. It’s a technological partner for governments, defense administrations, institutions, and enterprises. Innovation, continuous research, digital industry, and sustainability are the pillars of its global business. Leonardo provides essential services to strengthen all over the world security with five operational divisions covering helicopters, aircraft, aerostructures, electronics, and cybersecurity.

Management of first-level customer support

Managing first-level assistance for the maintenance of aircraft or other assets located across the globe, even in hard-to-reach territories, involves Leonardo promptly dispatching an expert equipped with tools and spare parts that may be required.

However, it can happen that after the initial on-site evaluation, the expert determines that different or additional parts need to be replaced compared to the ones they brought along. Conversely, it may be unnecessary to change any elements and only require manual intervention.

For these reasons, managing first-level assistance for on-field personnel represents an operation that is not always conclusive, resulting in avoidable waste that affects both the work of individuals and the company.

Unnecessary travel of expert personnel and materials

Not knowing the nature of the problem can lead to unnecessary travel for experts and the transportation of unnecessary materials. The expert sent to the site may not have the specific specialization and skills required to solve the problem. Human resources can work on other activities instead.

Travel costs

The costs associated with technical personnel travel and material transportation are high and, even in some cases of short duration, represent a loss for the company and create stress for the personnel involved.

What changes with Eye4Task

With Eye4Task, the first evaluation of a Leonardo aircraft malfunction or failure is conducted by an on-site technician from the company, eliminating the need to send personnel. Equipped with smart glasses, the designated individual can share the specific part or area requiring intervention with remote colleagues.

If necessary, they can receive remote assistance to resolve the issue or evaluate the need for new parts to substitute, with the support of experts specializing in the type of maintenance required.

Benefits for Leonardo

The benefits of using Eye4Task for Leonardo’s maintenance processes are employing personnel only for necessary activities, reducing travel costs, and ensuring high safety standards.

Optimization of resources

Knowing in advance, through remote assistance, which specialized expertise is needed to handle the intervention allows for more efficient personnel organization.

Cost savings

The remote identification of problems using smart glasses enables the first intervention at a distance, avoiding the travel costs for personnel and material transportation. Additionally, this approach contributes to a lower environmental impact and a commitment to reducing CO2 emissions.


The on-premises installation of Eye4Task allows Leonardo S.p.A. to manage data and information internally, ensuring high security and reliability standards.

Are you interested in implementing remote assistance in your maintenance processes?