Augmented Reality for Medical Services

Eye4Care is a frontline healthcare staff support service, based on a proprietary platform, which enables real-time audio/video connection between healthcare specialists and the staff treating patients.

It allows healthcare staff to perform:

  • Supervision of nurses’ activity through remote support, with the aim to reduce the number of specialist medical personnel in the ward
  • Distance learning and real-time distribution of new procedures to frontline medical staff to speed up their learning curve
  • Hands-free pre-triage via an infrared camera integrated within the smart glasses to measure temperature
  • Hands-free collection of vital parameters of patients, and certification of individual procedures

Thanks to the use of voice-controlled, PPE-compatible smart glasses devices, doctors, nurses, and caregivers can make a diagnosis and prescribe therapies to home patients who receive remote assistance and support.

Eye4Care is also available on smartphones via a mobile app designed to support patients at home or in isolation, who can receive remote assistance from a specialist doctor at any time. Eye4care allows:

  • Real-time interaction between doctor and patients/citizens
  • Direct and autonomous check of vitals by patients
  • Health status assessment and management of Level 1 remote assistance
eye4care smartphone

Eye4Care relies on Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to provide remote care to frontline physicians, patients and home care staff. Eye4Care

  • Reduces outpatient services and the on-the-premise presence of doctors
  • Increases caregivers’ and frontline personnel’s confidence and empowerment
  • Improves patients’ care compliance

On-Demand Support and Remote Assistance

Eye4Care supports and guides new hires in the healthcare sector and all medical teams in their operational/training path.


Perform and record a guided sequence of actions assigned by medical specialists through the platform.


If you are experiencing difficulties, you can count on AR tools and features and receive support from a distance.


Perform and record a guided sequence of actions assigned by medical specialists through the platform.

Easy to Use

The use of smart glasses and wearable devices allows doctors to operate hands-free, while  constantly monitoring patients’ vitals, and relying on on-demand remote support without any distractions.

Instant Remote Support

Eye4Care connects technical experts and remote physicians with healthcare professionals to facilitate discussion and collaboration in patients’ care, for the guided use of hospital equipment and devices, and to provide a second opinion when required.

Knowledge Transfer

Eye4Care allows senior physicians and specialists to remotely share their medical knowledge and expertise on call with interns, junior staff and colleagues, by offering instant real-time advice via video streaming from smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

    Main Features

    What You Can Do with Eye4Care

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      Georeferenced Activities

      Certify the exact place and time of an activity, with georeferenced photos and a digital signature, thanks to InfoCert’s GeoSign technology.

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      Knowledge Sharing

      Allow operators to access video podcasts, documents and files that can help them manage field interventions, by loading them in advance  in the Wiki section.

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      Multicast Collaborations

      Allow remote simultaneous connection of multiple experts to follow and support the activities of technicians and to collaborate remotely to improve on-field interventions.

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      Data Analysis

      Monitor the progress of on-field activities with Business Intelligence techniques to track results and improve performances.

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      Recording and Review

      Record field activities to review and analyze all operations performed during the intervention.

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      Activity Management

      Create checklists, procedures and work instructions to optimize the operational workflows and the performance of field technicians.

    termografia infrarossi

    Hands-free Temperature Measurement

    Eye4Care smart glasses, with their integrated infrared thermography technology, allow staff to detect possible feverishness by simply framing the lens and by performing a voice command. This way, staff measuring the temperature can prevent infected people from accessing virus-free environments, and protect themselves and others from infection.


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