Eye4Task at MECSPE 2022: Scenarios and Challenges

HeadApp participated in the 20th edition of MECSPE in Bologna, the most important B2B event in Italy dedicated to the manufacturing industry. From June 9 to 11, exhibitors and buyers from all over the world gathered at BolognaFiere to engage in discussions, outline scenarios and respond to the challenges of the industrial sector.

Within this context, HeadApp provided concrete demonstrations on how Eye4Task, the Augmented Reality remote collaboration platform helps, for example, to:

  • Streamline processes by reducing response times and travel costs
  • Increase worker safety levels
  • Enhance the performance of professionals inside and outside the company
  • Attract young people to work in the factory, thanks to enabling technologies

The trade show offered useful opportunities of discussions, and helped to further delineate the concrete path HeadApp wants to take, with the aim to make businesses competitive and sustainable.

Want to know how the three days at Mecspe 2022 went? Read the story of Marco Zanella, Business Development & Sales at HeadApp.

Eye4Task’s Increasingly Widespread Presence in Italy

Only 8 months ago, HeadApp was at the 19th edition of MECSPE 2021. Was it nice to be back, then? “Yes. Thanks to a more widespread presence in Italy, Eye4Task in this edition was not only at our stand. In fact, it was also present at those of some end customers such as Turla RFK. This company uses our system to provide real-time support to its end customers through integration with a TMS.
It was also at the stand of partners such as Orchestra, which presented Eye4Task integrated with its new MES,” Zanella explains.

At MECSPE, the HeadApp delegation also had the opportunity to meet partners already active in the area, such as MV Industrial.
It was also an important occasion to meet “new potential technological and commercial partners with the aim of consolidating the presence on the Italian territory. Also it was an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the market, offering new services coming from the integration with other innovative products useful to the factory,” anticipates HeadApp’s Business Development & Sales.

Technological Knowledge: the Maturity of the Italian Industrial Fabric

Prior to MECSPE 2022, HeadApp presented Eye4Task at Hannover Messe, the most important international trade show on IT and automation. The focus this year was on sustainability and digitization. Thus, a kind of common thread with MECSPE in Bologna and with companies that are increasingly attentive to climate change.

The feedback from the German event was positive and gratifying. Thanks to the “Leonardo Experience” – which also landed at the MECSPE event in June – many visitors managed to grasp the flexibility, intuitiveness, clarity and responsiveness of this cutting-edge software.

“Within 10 days we did two major trade shows. One in Germany and the other in Italy. We were able to grasp the differences on the technological maturity of two nations so close but so different.

To our surprise, we could see how Italy is definitely more mature in terms of technological knowledge and understanding of the potential of collaboration solutions such as Eye4Task. In effect, we didn’t need to introduce visitors to the technology. For this reason, they were able to focus directly on the specificproduct information.”

How Eye4Task Responds to Factory Demands

At the Manufacturing and Technology Innovations for Industry Fair, the focus was on the remarkable progress companies are making. They are evolving through digital transformation and training set on wearable technologies. These solutions provide a “modern” view of the factory, and so attract young people who, through advanced training, can learn the “know-how” of seniors.

Indeed, what emerged from MECSPE is the need to concretely support all production processes and a profitable generational turnover. The objective? To create positive repercussions for competitiveness and Brand awareness.

“We perceived how a simple hands-free video calling solution is no longer sufficient. Visitors asked us specific questions about how to implement the procedures of field activities. Above all, the request concerned the need to integrate the platform with systems already present in the company such as MES or TMS. As well as the real need not to lose track of what is being done, to capitalize on the operational experience of field personnel.

In this regard, we were well pleased to be able to leverage the more than 3,000 work days spent on Eye4Task, which proved to be in line with what companies require,” Zanella concludes.

Eye4Task is the ready to use and ready to sell platform for value added resellers. Simple, secure and scalable, it enables remote inspection, certification, service and maintenance activities, reducing travel and costs.

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