Eye4Task at the Hannover Messe: Marco Zanella’s Report

The Hannover Messe, the international trade show that attracted some 75,000 visitors and 2,500 exhibitors in person from May 30 to June 2, did not disappoint expectations. In the four-day event dedicated to IT and industrial automation, participants were able to preview hi-tech solutions, products and services.

Digitization and sustainability: this was the focus of the 2022 edition. A call, in effect, to which exhibitors responded by presenting concrete tools for all those companies that want to strike a balance between productivity and environmental friendliness.

HeadApp fits into this perspective. At the German fair, HA presented Eye4Task, the Augmented Reality collaboration platform and remote support. “The feedback we got was great, gratifying,” explains Marco Zanella, Business Development & Sales at HeadApp, who tells us how this edition of Messe went, and announcing a surprise for HA stand visitors.

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Two stands at the Messe to Test the Benefits of Eye4Task

“Thanks to the Integrated Supply Chain Projects of the Piedmont Region and the presence of the parent company Eco-Mind, HeadApp took part in the Hannover Messe with its own stand, and had the opportunity to present Eye4Task at two different stands. The intent was to seize opportunities in a fast-growing market and increase international penetration.

Therefore, we focused on communication that would allow System Integrators, IT Consulting Companies, or, more generally, companies oriented to delivering professional services to industry, to reap the benefits of introducing a solution such as Eye4Task into their line of offerings,” Zanella continues.

This AR software for remote collaboration and support was developed to be user-friendly with an extremely fast learning curve.

“Nevertheless, HeadApp partners are paramount because, beyond platform activation and setup, training and technical support, they come alongside the end customer and accompany them in understanding how to derive maximum benefits by integrating Eye4Task within the end customer’s business processes.”

“The Leonardo Experience” in AR and Remote Support

Leonardo Da Vinci also landed at Messe to show the many features of this on-field collaboration solution, especially in mission critical contexts.

Visitors to HeadApp‘s stands, in effect, were involved in the “Leonardo Experience,” a gaming activity about the inventions of the Florentine genius. This made the experience more fun and engaging.

“To make sure that our concrete the message got across at Hannover Messe, we decided to entertain the approximately 250 visitors, who showed up at our stands, with this fun experience. Specifically, we invited them to engage in assembling Leonardo’s ‘self-supporting bridge,’ without using the instruction manual.”

How? “Simple! They took advantage of the procedures generated by Eye4Task and the support of a remote expert thanks to the RealWear Navigator 500 visor.

This five-minute game allowed each user to understand the flexibility of adapting Eye4Task to any context,” explains HeadApp’s Business Development & Sales.

HeadApp’s Feedback and Special Promo until July 15

When thinking about the users who tried their hand at the “Leonardo Experience,” Zanella affirms the result was mind-blowing. “The feedback we got was gratifying. It took people only five minutes of playing to understand  the flexibility, intuitiveness, comprehensibility and responsiveness of the platform.

Our decision to focus on gaming to have people test the ‘ready2use’ platform proved really effective. The reason is that all its functionalities emerged much more clearly than via presentations or other demonstrations.”

And he anticipates that, to thank visitors, HeadApp has devised a special promotion. What is it about? All interested parties who become HeadApp customers or partners by July 15 can get  RealWear smart glasses for free.

Eye4Task uses enabling technologies such as Augmented Reality, cloud, streaming, and wearable devices, and uses an extremely hands-on approach. The guidelines also include input from all the customers who are adopting it.

It is a collaborative platform-simple, secure, and scalable. Thanks to checklists and work instructions visible on wearable devices, smartphones, and tablets, it manages to:

  • Optimize performance during field deployment
  • Raise work safety levels by reducing error margins
  • Accelerate the learning curve
  • Eliminate experts travel costs
  • Improve workflows

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