Eye4Task, Real Time Systems Integration

Improved production processes. More efficient control and management of the entire business system. Today, this is possible  thanks to real-time integration of data, apps, devices, and software available to the on-field operator. Through smart glasses, he can focus directly on the intervention he has to carry out, working “hands free”, with no distractions and in total safety.

The collaborative platform Eye4Task in Augmented Reality allows real-time connection of all the company systems, abandoning traditional management based on reporting, and thus improving production phases and performance.

Let’s see what types of real time integration are available in E4T!

Types of Real Time Integration in E4T

Storing, processing and analyzing a lot of information from multiple sources in real time? Risk of scattering data and resources? Not with Eye4Task, HeadApp’s Augmented Reality ready2use platform, which gathers both data and resources in a single environment. In addition, it creates new personalized functions for companies. A added value that makes the transformation undertaken by the Industry 4.0 easier and more concrete.

In Eye4Task there are 5 groups of integrations with the systems already available in the company:

  • Business address books
  • Ticketing systems
  • Telemetry, i.e. data from the field
  • Documents section
  • ERP, i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning

The real pluses are the video call with the Support Room and the voice command. As a result, maintenance technicians, inspectors,  supervisors and all operators in the field have a series of integrations at their disposal in a single environment. And they can complete their work quickly, in the best way and with maximum efficiency.

Integrations: Ticketing, Telemetry, Document Areas

The operator is in the field. There is an open ticket for a fault. With E4T the ticket management can be integrated with new information useful to the maintenance worker: photos, telemetry values, data coming from multiple sources, all managed by this collaborative platform on a single server. This facilitates the work of both the on-field operator and of the mentor.

Think about the importance of gathering data in the field. The RPM of a machine, production temperatures, gas meter, seismographs, wind meters: all telemetric data in E4T are presented via customized graphics on the basis of the companies’ business needs, and easy to consult via wearable devices in AR.

The data coming from sensors placed on different equipment are aggregated in a single system. So the field technician doesn’t have to waste time searching for and accessing them. Through voice command, it’s even easier and more efficient.  These “hands-free” solutionsimprove performance even in delicate contexts.

E4T: Real-Time Integration with ERP

If telemetric measurements, for example, must be carried out on the machinery in the warehouse and logistics areas, the technician in the field has real-time access to Eye4Task’s ERP. Here, he will be able to track back the data, e.g. from accounting to purchases up to the logistics management. So the collaborative platform Eye4Task becomes field-centric, making all the tools available to the operator.

Everything is designed to realize a cross-functional, sharable, integrated system. With access to shared and up-to-dateto data and information, companies that invest in hi-tech solutions can face the strong competition in the market with more determination and more opportunities.

Modularity and scalability of centralized data collection are among the most compelling aspects of ERP. In fact, ERP software has a client-server architecture: reports are stored on a single server. Processing is continuous. Within such a network, all the company departments of the company are connected, with a real-time data update useful to the various productive sectors.

Eye4Task: Ready2use Platform in AR

The technician in the field wearing smart glasses equipped with the E4T software, therefore, has a series of tools to complete an intervention in the shortest time possible, with maximum efficiency, always meeting high quality standards.

The integrations of this ready2use platform are, in fact, enriched by the Support Room. The maintenance technician, with a simple voice command, can get in touch with a remote expert while continuing working “hands-free”.

Video calling and cooperation between the technician and the mentor is a further advantage for companies using Eye4Task, a collaborative platform that manages company workflows. Real-time interaction in the field is completely guaranteed, closing the distance between on-field operators and the company know-how, such as people, processes, information.

Thus, E4T can be connected to systems and platforms to receive all data and resources in a single environment in real time. Fascinating, isn’t it?


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