AR remote collaboration platform

Eye4Task improves the productivity, effectiveness, accuracy, and safety of workforces connecting experts with remote workers at any moment, and on any device and giving them all the information they need to do their best work.

  • Decrease time to resolution
  • Faster decision making
  • Optimize workflow and resources
  • Reduce costs

Intuitive remote guidance

Eye4Task puts the field operator in audio and video connection with an assistance center
that remotely participates in the activity.

See instructions from your smartphone and carry out your tasks quickly.

Technical experts can guide operators on-field from anywhere.

Remote technical experts provide your second pair of eyes, share what you see at every moment.

Remote collaboration

Eye4Task promotes remote collaboration and accelerates workflow execution by connecting experts of a control room to technicians on the field

  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Remote guidance in real-time
  • Augmented reality tools

Mobile App

With our mobile App, the field operator receives the task on his smartphone and works supported in real time by the control room. He can send a chat, document, geolocalized photos, and see in augmented reality on his display notes and drawings written by the operator located remotely.

Smart glasses

Use of smart glasses and wearable device allows workers to operate hands-free in mission-critical context.

  • See what I see technology
  • Enhance communication
  • Competence transfer
  • Share Knowledge
  • On-demand support
Key Features

How Eye4Task meet your needs

  • Georeferenced-tasks

    Georeferenced tasks

    Take a georeferenced picture and record data on the platform as reference material to solve disputes.

  • Knowledge-sharing

    Knowledge sharing

    Leverage your existing knowledge remotely, assisting operators on field.

  • Multicast-collaboration

    Multicast collaboration

    Connect unlimited workers simultaneously for collaboration to get good results.

  • Data-analysis

    Data analysis

    Grow with data. Track your success, failure and results to implement your effort.

  • Recording-and-playback

    Recording and playback

    Learn by video. Workforce activities can be recorded to be reviewed and analyzed at every moment.

  • Task-management

    Task management

    Create tasks, checklist and work instruction to optimize operational workflows.

  • Live-chat

    Live chat

    Control room and operators on field share information and discuss a specific issue in real time.

  • AR-Collaboration-tools

    AR Collaboration tools

    Draw on the screen with fingers and manipulate augmented content even when you move around.

  • See-what-I-see-technology

    See what I see technology

    Make decisions faster with remote guidance in real time. Two heads are better than one!

Reason why

Including AR in your business development strategy pays off

Time reduction to interpret work instructions


Time reduction to interpret work instructions
Reduction in factory downtime


Reduction in factory downtime
Reduction in errors


Reduction in errors
Time savings


Time savings

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