Immersive VR training platform

Eye4Training safely speeds up the learning process by allowing operators to virtually train and improve their expertise in fields where the mission is critical, risk-free and in a safe manner. Thanks to our immersive training solution, we can create an authentic learning experience, reducing costly errors, engaging learners in highly adaptive training while keeping them constantly safe.

  • Highly Realistic Immersive Scenario
  • Experience-Based Learning Approach
  • Remote, Decentralized Learning Solution
How we do the magic

Reality becomes a virtual space

Using virtual reality we create a new environment and a realistic scenario for different fields and organizations. We design detailed 3d models of real objects that workers can use on our platform to learn how to carry out specific tasks in dangerous situations. We develop immersive VR experiences to prevent losses of money and resources.

We enable workforce to get trained in any single phase of their activity. Thanks to the VR module field operators can get procedural certification on one’s own, without moving from their office, saving time, money and in a safe environment

  • Faster go to field
  • Continuous training
  • Safe, efficient and effective training

Key Features

How Eye4Training meet your needs

  • Realistic-immersive-environment

    Realistic immersive environment

    Prepare employees to work in a specific context and learn how to carry out a workflow risk-free.

  • Experience-Based-Learning-Approach

    Experience-Based Learning Approach

    Be able to train faster “by doing”, whether in a virtual environment or via AR remote guidance on the job.

  • Recording-and-playback

    Data Recording and Analysis

    Learn by data. Workforce activities can be recorded to be reviewed and analyzed at every moment.


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