Virtual Reality Software for Immersive Training

Eye4Training is a continuous learning solution that recreates realistic 3D VR scenarios for training and safety certification of technicians and field operators.

Integrated with smart glasses and visors MR/VR, Eye4Training guarantees:

  • Reduced training time and costs without equipment downtime
  • Advanced, more effective and engaging training experiences

Safety during simulation of high-risk scenarios

How It Works

Reality Becomes a Virtual Space


Eye4Training recreates and reproduces virtual scenarios and environments where technicians can train safely, and practice in hazard and error free contexts.


With Eye4Training operators can move in a virtual work environment they have never been to in person (electrical cabins, aircraft, industrial machinery), and thus test their skills and decision-making capabilities. They can experience accident scenarios without running any risk, increasing their risk awareness in case of error during a real intervention.

When compared to standard training, VR training prepares the workforce to be autonomous in the field in a short time and does not require any equipment downtime. It is based on an interactive experience where you can test yourself and experience the consequences of each choice for innovative and faster learning.

    Main Features

    What You Can Do with Eye4Training

    • hololens@2x
      Realistic Immersive Environment

      It trains operators to face the risks and difficulties of on-field activities

    • vr@2x
      Experience-Based Learning

      It accelerates learning and promotes knowledge retention.

    • png-record-2@2x
      Data Recording and analysis

      It allows recording workers’ activities for review and analysis at all times.


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