HeadApp and Telecontrol for surveillance with drones

Introducing HeadApp for drones and surveillance

Here is an insightful video introducing our HeadApp technology applied to drones management for surveillance

Eye4Drone technology provides operators with head up displays for real-time managing UAS flights.  The UAS activities for surveillance purposes gives rise to the aim of how to help the operator in managing the flight by providing him the critical mission’s details directly at a glance.

HeadApp introduces the smart glasses and smartwatch technology as communication channels for the main flight data, as position and telemetry, in order to allow the pilot both to easily and fittingly keep under control the preset mission and directly interact with the UAS.

All the data are real-time shared with a web based platform that allows for remote monitoring of the on-site activities of both the drone and the operator.

The video presents one of the possible application of Eye4Drones in the field of surveillance, together with our client Telecontrol