HeadApp at InnoTrans 2022: Eye4Task for the railway sector

InnoTrans, the leading international trade fair for transport technologies, will take place in Berlin from 20 to 23 September 2022. HeadApp will be present in the Railway Technologies segment, guest of CEIP, Piemonte Internationalization Center.

“InnoTrans is the world’s largest mobility platform with unmatched market coverage.” comments Kerstin Schulz, director of InnoTrans. With an area of 200,000 m², an outdoor display area with 3,500 meters of tracks and an area dedicated to buses, InnoTrans is a must-attend event for those who work in the transport industry. During InnoTrans, HeadApp will take the opportunity to engage with industry experts on how the use of wearable devices and augmented reality are transforming and facilitating maintenance activities in the rail sector.

Railway maintenance: needs and critical issues

Maintenance work on trains and railway infrastructures are complex operations, which impact on the safety and efficiency of transport. Technicians working in the field must carry out maintenance work and inspections in a timely, quick and effective manner in order to avoid delays and malfunctions.

The difficulties encountered by field workers are many, such as following instructions on paper or tablets and operating on site smoothly while working tools and DIP are used. These factors risk making the operator less focused and efficient. It may also happen that the intervention of a colleague is needed to solve an unforseen problem. In this case, the risk is to waste valuable time and cause service interruptions.

Given the delicate nature of railway maintenance work, on-field operators must also document the activities performed. However, the tools available do not always allow detailed reports to be prepared quickly.

The advantages of Eye4Task

The combination of the platform Eye4Task and the use of smart glasses, managed via voice commands, addresses the needs that have been highlighted so far.In fact, Eye4Task allows on-field operators to perform hands-free procedures and inspections, displaying on the eyewear screen the steps to be followed, and the documents needed to perform the task. This makes it easier to focus on the work, reduces the risk of errors, and optimizes the maintenance time.

If needed, the technician can connect to the company’s competence centre to receive specific directions in real-time. The remote support colleague can see what the on-field operator is viewing through the smart glasses and show him where to act thanks to augmented reality tools. In case it is necessary, the on-field operator can be provided with additional useful documents.

This remote support mode also speeds up the learning curve for less experienced technicians by anticipating their inclusion in operational activities.

During the performance, with Eye4Task it is possible to track the progress of operations and automatically export reports to certify the activity performed, thus reducing back office work.

From September 20 to 23, you can find us in the Railway Technology segment at Innotrans.

To learn more about the benefits of Eye4Task for maintenance and certification operations, we look forward to seeing you at stand 260 in Hall 10.1.

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    HeadApp at InnoTrans 2022: Eye4Task for the railway sector