HeadApp selected by the Italian Air Force for a new basic jet trainer at EURAC 2015

HeadApp has been selected as avionic partner by the Italian Air Force on a new project for a basic jet trainer derived from the C22J

On May 7th 2015, HeadApp attended the European Air Chief Conference (EURAC 2015) in Cameri (Italy), the annual meeting of all the international Air Force chiefs.

In 1993 the European Air Chiefs Conference (EURAC) was established with the main objective of finding new methods of study and co-operation among European Air Forces – within and out of NATO. In this context a considerable importance has been given for a common vision in the ways of education and formation of future officers. Also, the aim is to find a common strategy to what it concerns aerospace power and air force related issues

This year event, was held in Cameri (Italy)  and the main focus was  “Air and space power – a european sustainable cooperation: the key for an effective sharing”.

We are happy to announce that during the two days conference, HeadApp has been appointed by the Italian Air Force as project partner  for an innovative initiative: the development of  a basic jet trainer derived from the C22J. The jet trainer will be developed by the Experimental Flight Department of Pratica di Mare (Rome)

HeadApp’s test pilot Federico Massano presented EyE4Flight to the audience of European Air Force chiefs attending the event: we  received enthusiastic and positive feedbacks about our innovative technology

We are for sure very proud to be part of  the Italian Air Force initiative  for the development of the basic jet trainer  and we will keep you posted on the working progress in the next months

Here you can find a couple of pictures of the Eurac 2015 event in Cameri showing our technology in action with test pilot Federico Massano.

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Thank you all from the HeadApp team