AR in the Healthcare Sector

Discover the opportunities AR offers in the Healthcare Sector

AR technology and wearable devices in the healthcare sector accelerate the diagnosis of patients. In case of home care for patients, they offer families an immediate tool to update the medical facility or the specialist on the patients’ progress and on the effects of the administered treatment. In case of medical examinations, first aid and lane operations, they allow for real-time consultation with specialists at a distance.

New technologies in the healthcare sector ensure more attentive and constant care for patients; they can also reduce waiting times for anamnesis, diagnosis and treatment thanks to remote collaboration with medical specialists.


    The Healthcare Sector and the Benefits of AR Technology


    Through AR-integrated wearable devices such as smart glasses, home caregivers and ward caregivers can quickly receive medical advice, therapeutic and diagnostic assistance from healthcare facilities and communicate with remote specialists for patient care.

    The benefits include:

    • Offline and dynamic analysis of patient care processes
    • Strengthening the skills of assistants
    • Dynamic evaluation of changes in home patients’ reactions
    • Patient’s privacy guaranteed
    • Rapid healthcare solutions
    • Collaboration between different specialists

    Discover our solutions for the Healthcare Sector

    Patient care at home

    • Sector: Healthcare
    • Challenge: Care for home patients and assistance to their families
    • Problem: Provide adequate remote treatment to outpatients
    • Solution: Eye4Care easily connects via mobile app. The platform video-connects home care providers with doctors (or nurses) remotely.
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