AR in the field of Logistics

Discover the opportunities AR offers in the Logistics sector

AR technology in the Logistics sector offers companies significant advantages in warehouse management and is paramount to provide clients with high-quality service. AR makes it possible to optimize picking and stocking operations, and is extremely useful for staff training.

In effect, often, temporary staff carries out warehouse operations, thus requiring fast in-depth training.  This technology allows employees to recognize objects, to identify items on the shelves quickly, to scan and read barcodes and to integrate ERP with warehouse-related data.


    The Logistics Sector and the Benefits of Augmented Reality Technology


    Through AR-integrated wearable devices, warehouse staff visualizes specific information on the chosen goods, such as quantity, position, images, and the actions to perform sequentially. Employees can access additional information, quickly recognize the batches QR codes, and interact with ERP for a real-time update of warehouse data. By using smart glasses, they can operate hands-free, take photos from the glasses and enter data and quantities through voice commands.

    The benefits of AR technology application to the Logistics sector include:

    • Generating and editing ERP records
    • Real-time work instructions
    • Internal inspections and certification of loading plans
    • Remote inspections and quality certification
    • Traceability of activities
    • Warehouse management and goods handling
    • Reduced training costs and human errors
    • Reduction of injuries and accidents in the warehouse

    Scopri la nostra soluzione per il tuo business nel settore Logistica


    Cylinder test

    • Sector: Gas Production
    • Challenge: Traceability/Objectivity of cylinder tests and real-time DB update.
    • Problems: Need to carry out several tests with different operators; dangerous situations during operations in contact with the cylinders.
    • Solution: Integration of Eye4Task with customer ERP to provide real-time work instructions based on the cylinder serial number. 100% hands-free operation by using smart glasses with an integrated digital barcode scanner/reader.
    • Result: Faster test phase, reduction of accidents, certified data.

    Loading procedure & Shipment localization

    • Sector: Logistics
    • Challenge: Provide real-time shipment information to customers
    • Problem: inconsistency of information between shipped goods, delivery forecast and receipt of the same goods.
    • Solution: Eye4Task provides warehouse staff with the opportunity to record, trace and photographhands-free every single phase of the shipment of the goods, matching goods-related information to the corresponding container.  This information is then available to third parties through a web platform.
    • Result: awareness of all goods shipment phases, with related images and documentation.
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