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AR in the Energy and Utilities Sector

Discover the Opportunities AR Offers in the Energy and Utilities Sector

In the mining, oil and gas and power industries, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies allow workers to operate in hazardous environments, following hands-free procedures and work instructions, improving their safety and efficiency. Repairing underground or high-altitude assets, on rope or double rope, and checking complex piping and components require considerable attention. Even the slightest distraction can pose a serious threat to the safety of technicians. Working on installations with the right tools, equipment, and resources is paramount to prevent potential accidents.

Communication is vital in this area. The use of smart glasses and wearable devices offers new ways of interaction and communication while working on power plants, mines and oil platforms.


    The Energy and Utilities Sector and the Benefits of Augmented Reality Technology


    Technicians wearing smart glasses with AR/MR technology have at their disposal, wherever they are, interactive wikis and manuals explaining them how to carry out repairs at every stage, instructions on how to wear and adjust the equipment, e.g. personal protective equipment (PPE), and visual instructions that warn them of possible dangers. Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality smart glasses do not alter the field of vision and do not affect the sense of depth in relation to the surrounding environment.

    Thanks to voice commands, technicians can perform hands-free procedures and work instructions, and initiate an audio/video call to receive remote support from experienced personnel.

    The benefits of AR technology include:

    • Reduction of intervention time
    • Increased productivity and safety
    • Reduction of operating costs
    • Remote assistance by qualified technicians
    • Immediate notifications in case of danger
    • Procedures and work instructions always available

    Eye4Task for the Energy and Services sector

    Energy and Utilities

    Hands-free and remote support

    • Sector: Energy and Public Utilities
    • Challenge: Secure operations in mission-critical environments
    • Problem: Need to have your hands free. For those who work on turbines having their hands busy increases the risk of distractions and accidents during operations.
    • Solution: Smart glasses integrated with the Eye4Task platform. Operators can share what they see hands-free, in real time, with a remote expert who guides them at every step.
    • Result: The job is carried out in total safety, and completed with greater efficiency and no stress
    Energy and Utilities

    Remote inspection

    • Challenge: distributed and precise inspection
    • Problem: Standardize inspections
    • Solution: Eye4Task. The platform enables the creation, assignment and storage of checklists that on-field inspectors fill out from an App (for smart glasses or tablets). The App allows you to activate real-time video communication with inspectors who collaborate remotely, to use Augmented Reality tools, and to validate processes or Oil & Gas plants.
    • Result: faster plants and products certification through a standardized process and real-time issuing of inspection reports. Also available with legal validity.
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