AR in the Maintenance Sector

Discover the Opportunities AR offers in the Maintenance Sector

AR technology in the Maintenance sector allows companies to streamline processes and facilitate the work of technicians by cutting travel costs. In fact, by equipping customers with mobile and wearable devices, such as smartphones and smart glasses, they can manage inspections, quality control and after-sales maintenance services remotely.

Preliminary assessments, damage or malfunction checks on equipment, mechanical and electrical parts can be carried out remotely, without the need for expert technicians on the field.


    The Maintenance Sector and the Benefits of AR Technology

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    AR technology in the Maintenance sector allows companies to optimize costs by limiting the travel of on-site technicians. The latter, in turn, can perform safely any on-field technical intervention by following hands-free procedures and work instructions set on the devices.

    The advantages resulting from the use of AR technology in this sector include:

    • Acceleration of the operators’ learning curve
    • Saving on maintenance costs
    • Diagnosis and immediate interventions

    Eye4Task for the Maintenance Sector


    Training of on-field operators

    • Sector: Professional Services
    • Challenge: Accelerate the learning curve of those who have to perform field interventions
    • Problem: Environmental conditions change quickly and field maintenance activities require real-time expert assistance.
    • Solution: Real-time remote collaboration and support via tablet or smart glasses integrated with Eye4Task and AR tools to share useful information and documents.
    • Result: Troubleshooting at the first attempt, reduced transportation costs, greater efficiency and a safer working environment.
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