Energy & Public Utility


Why Energy and Public Utility need AR

All the repairing activities in energy and public utilities could take place without service interruption. Upgrading equipment and physical assets are a priority but there are different constraints by limited space and new safety requirements due to intrinsic risks of those industries.


How Energy and Public Utility can benefit from AR technology

Augmented and Virtual Reality opens up new possibilities for the Energy and Utilities sectors. 45% of companies have implemented augmented reality in operations and the number is set to rise.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Hands-free in a critical context
  • Smartglasses solution ATEX compliant
  • Gain access to the right set of work instruction
  • Quickly troubleshoot operational issues

Find out how we solved business problems

Hands free safe remote support

  • Industry: Energy & Public Utility
  • Challenge: Safe operations in mission critical environment.
  • Pain: Field operators heavily require real hands free when working on wind turbine, and need to be strongly concentrated on their job and safety.
  • Solution: Remote visualization of real-time field operator point of view through intrinsically safe smartglasses integrated with Eye4Task platform.
  • Result: First time fix, less transport, outsourcing working highers efficiency and a safer working environment – check the video

Remote ispection

  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Challenge: Distributed ispection, involvement in co2 emission reduction
  • Pain: Structure a process to standardize an international Ispection approach
  • Solution: Eye4Task centralized platform, enable the creation, assignation and storage of multiple checklists that are made available to the field ispectors through a mobile app (for smart glasses or tablet), such mobile app in addition to the hands free checklist filling in, enable an Augmented Reality realtime video collaboration with remote ispectors to validate process or Oil & Gas plant.
  • Result: Faster plant & product certification through a standardized process, and real-time inspection report emission, available also with legal validity
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