Why Healthcare needs AR

The development and application of new technologies in the healthcare field could not only improve the care of patients and the life of those who take care of them but also reduce health care costs.


How Healthcare can benefit from AR technology

Through wearable devices and augmented reality features, caregivers are able to communicate faster to receive medical opinion, therapeutic and diagnostic support from the healthcare facilities responsible for taking care of the patient.

  • Offline and dynamic analysis of patient care processes
  • Improving the skills of assistants
  • Dynamic evaluation of changes in patient reactions at home
  • Guarantee patient privacy
  • On-time healthcare solutions
  • Enable doctors to collaborate

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Patient’s home caring

  • Industry: Health Care
  • Challenge: Distributed home assistance competence & on-demand patient’s family support
  • Pain: Provide valuable treatment to the de-hospitalized patient’s
  • Solution: Eye4Health easily connect home cares giver & Patient’s family to the remote doctors or nurses through an HD real-time video collaboration vith Augment reality capabilities.
  • Result: Home caring treatment improvement, patient’s family competence distribution
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Find out how we solved business problems