Why Insurance needs AR

Insurance inspections require the direct intervention of experts who often cannot be on site. Inspectors can use their AR device to verify the checklist and follow the steps required connecting with specialists that can help them to conduct the inspection accurately at a distance.


How Insurance can benefit from AR technology

Save on travel costs and increase the number of active policies with AR. Thanks to our App specifically designed for the Insurance industry, waiting times for the evaluation of practice are cleared and complaints are treated quickly and in real time.

  • Identify the degree of risk in short time collecting and sending data to the control room
  • Define the methods of measurement/evaluation of damage in direct connection with an expert who follows you via video, audio or remote chat
  • Share useful data and images to define the practices by collaborating from anywhere with an expert

Find out how we solved business problems

Remote risk assumption & damage assessment

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Challenge: Provide smart tools to the agencies for spading-up SME market penetration
  • Pain: Impossibility by the HQ to support all the agency on the territory with an on premise «risk taker»
  • Solution: Eye4Insurance, mobile app running on tablet, smartphones, smartglasses connecting field agents with remote risk takers & insurance systems to provide realtime support to assume the risk and generate the insurance policy
  • Result: Enabling agencies to approach a new market, speading up the insurance policy submission to the customer. – check the video
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