Why Logistics needs AR

Warehouse and inventory in the logistics industry require accurate handling to avoid fatal errors for the assembly line. Finding an item and move it in thousands of square meters could be very hard. Using AR and smart wearable device in logistics 4.0 help the warehouse manager make their structures more efficient and anticipate possible errors thanks to data recording. The workers, on the other hand, collaborate with the machines and will be one of the many elements of the interconnected network.


How Logistics can benefit from AR technology

Warehouse workers can hands-freely manage pick-up lists while having access to additional information sent by a remote location center. Thanks to the smartphone -integrated video camera, the Eye4Task wearable system can recognize batches’ QR code and interact with the ERP system in order to update the work plan.

  • Warehouse picking and packing activities
  • Generation and modification of ERP records
  • Work instruction in real-time
  • Internal inspections and certification of load plans
  • Remote inspections and quality certification
  • Activity traceability
  • Management and handling of goods in Warehouse
  • Generation and modification of ERP records
  • Work Instructions (Picking)
  • Reduction of training costs and human errors
  • Reduction of injuries and accidents in the warehouse

Find out how we solved business problems

Cylinders testing

  • Industry: Gas production
  • Challenge: Traceability / objectivities of cylinders testing, and real time DB update
  • Pain: Multiple testing steps, operator interchangeability, risk of pressing the phalanges between cylinders
  • Solution: Integration of Eye4Task for Logistics with the customer ERP to provide real time work instruction based on cylinders serial number. Activity done 100% hands free thanks to the smartglasses integration with a finger barcode scanner reader
  • Result: Faster testing phase, incidents reduction, certified data

Loading procedure & Shipment localization

  • Industry: Logistic
  • Challenge: Provide actual information to the customers about shipments
  • Pain: Inconsistencies between shipped, expected and received goods.
  • Solution: Eye4Task for Logistics provide to the warehouseman the capability to register, track and photograph any single uploading phase with hands free, matching goods information to the containers and making them available on a web-platform for third party consultation.
  • Result: Full awareness for all the chain about what is shipped, with relative goods pictures and any kind of available documentation.
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