Why Maintenance needs AR

This industry foresees operation in mission-critical context and hostile environment, requiring expensive equipment. In this field, experts are aging and the younger don’t have adequate skills.


How Maintenance can benefit from AR technology

Our solution offers maintenance operators a tool to obtain in real time a “live” remote support, and all the technical information they need to carry out their tasks even if they are not expert.
On-site technician and support team are connected through a Control Room and can mutually exchange video streaming, messages, and chats or voice communication. The technician can also be remotely guided, step by step, without the need of sending extra support team on site. At the same time, training sessions can be performed everywhere at any time.

  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Reduce the duration of diagnosis and maintenance process
  • Improve maintenance quality
  • Speed up the learning curve
  • CO2 emission reduction

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Fast knowledge transfer

  • Industry: Professional service contractors
  • Challenge: Improving the learning curve time & speed-up the operators «time2field»
  • Pain: Fast field environment condition changing, Field activities operators heavily rely on support room for real-time support during maintenance activity.
  • Solution: On-demand support provided by AR real-time collaboration & document sharing through tablets or smart-glasses integrated with Eye4Task.
  • Result: First time fix, less transport, outsourcing working highers efficiency and a safer working environment – check the video
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