AR in the Manufacturing Industry

Discover the opportunities AR offers for the Manufacturing Industry

In the Manufacturing industry, AR-integrated smart glasses allow the workforce to perform diagnostics on machines remotely, avoiding continuity disruptions.

Unexpected downtime causes unplanned production stops. The resulting economic damages can be very high, not only because of the lack of productivity, but also because of idle personnel. Component inspection and fault analysis can be performed remotely to avoid shipping parts to repair centers, prolonged machine downtime, and the transfer of technicians to check for damage. For this reason, AR technology applied to the Manufacturing industry sector represents an effective solution to simplify operations.


    The Manufacturing Industry Sector and the Benefits of AR Technology


    Thanks to AR-integrated wearable devices, plant managers and machinery suppliers guarantee remote technical and engineering service to their customers, as if operating on the field. Customers can make changes and solve errors autonomously because they can count on the assistance and support provided by remote experts at any time, and resume their manufacturing activities in the shortest time possible.

    On-field operators can work hands-free, visualize the procedures to follow directly on their glasses, and have a real work area with documents, videos, technical information useful to carry out their activities. If necessary, they can request remote expert real-time assistance through voice commands.

    The advantages of AR to the Manufacturing sector include:

    • Integration with corporate ERP
    • Quicker time to market
    • Fewer losses in the production phase
    • Defect-free end products
    • Error detection during pre-production phases

    Eye4Task per il settore manifatturiero


    Quality check

    • Sector: Manufacturing Industry
    • Challenge: Quality assurance of the final product
    • Problem: Defect detection during pre-production phase
    • Solution: Eye4Task allows the Quality Control Department to connect with the company Sales Departments distributed on the territory, for remote quality control during pre-production phase, in order to suggest timely corrective actions and avoid manufacturing defective products.
    • Result: Improved availability of the Quality Control Department, lower production losses, greater customer satisfaction.

    Engineers training

    • Industry: Aircraft Manufacturing.
    • Challenge: Improve training effectiveness and accelerate field preparation of engineers.
    • Problem: Long procedures and extremely costly resource immobilization due to hangar training.
    • Solution: Immersive VR training experience with Eye4Training.
    • Result: Engineers training in a safe environment and within their own offices, faster learning curve.
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