Why Manufacturing needs AR

Manufacturing downtime can cost more than $1 million per hour. It often happens that problems occur in the pre-production phase threatening quality assurance. Detect whereabouts of colleagues or machine malfunctions it’s not impossible. Be aware of everything happens around you with AR solutions!


How Manufacturing can benefit from AR technology

Augmented Reality & Wearable, helps you to work securely while receiving at the right time all the information and required procedures during the production phase. Wherever a production process requires an operator, wearable devices and AR support him in taking the right decision or follow the manufacturing process with a hands-free approach.

  • Keep aligned company ERP, PLM with any single activity by operators
  • Less production loss
  • Obtain final product free from defect
  • Detect a fault during pre-production

Find out how we solved business problems

Quality check

  • Industry: Manifacturing
  • Challenge: Final product Quality assurance
  • Pain: Faults detected during pre-production phase
  • Solution: Eye4Task enable the centralize quality department to get connected with the company sales force distributed on the territory, to enable a remote quality check on the pre production, and suggest corrective action & calibration on the production chain, to obtain a free from defects final products
  • Result: improved availability of quality department, less production loss, higher customer satisfaction

Engineers training

    • Industry: Aircraft manufacturing
    • Challenge: Improve training efficency and speed-up engineers field readiness
    • Pain: Long procedures, extremely costly asset immobilization due to in hangar training
    • Solution: Full Virtual Reality training experience & on the job Augmented Reality training provided by Eye4Training
    • Result: Safe & in Office engineers training, faster learning curve – check the video

Resellers channel training

  • Industry: Office Equipment Distribution
  • Challenge: Facilitate access to the training session to the resellers technical department
  • Pain: Resellers channel with Nationwide distribution with costly logistic expenses for the resellers technical department
  • Solution: Full Virtual Reality training experience with skill improvement management
  • Result: Greater access to the training sessions, and dramatic improvement of a trained technicians.
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