Eye4Task at Innotrans 2022: the future of transport maintenance

On 23 September, the 13th edition of InnoTrans in Berlin came to an end. With its 2,834 exhibitors from 56 countries and around 140,000 visitors from over 131 countries, InnoTrans confirmed its position as the leading trade fair for the transport industry.
HeadApp, a guest of Ceipiemonte in the ‘Railway Technologies’ segment, took the opportunity to present Eye4Task and discuss the future of railway maintenance and diagnostics with experts from around the world.

Adopting new technologies to optimize costs and time

“During the four days of the fair, the influx of people was constant. We had the opportunity to talk to industry experts from Brazil, Japan and Morocco – commented Valerio Ferrero, Customer Experience Manager at HeadApp – The visitors ranged from vehicle or component manufacturers to infrastructure maintenance service providers.

All of them, however, expressed the need to optimize time and costs, and highlighted a common trend that sees the adoption of new technologies as the way to achieve their goals while guaranteeing high quality standards.

Finally, the synergy created within the Ceipiemonte group was excellent, which demonstrated that working in a network is always rewarding.”

At the trade fair, the major needs that emerged from the discussion with manufacturers and service providers can be summarized in the following points:

  • The need to reduce costs related to assistance and maintenance activities
  • Being able to train specialized technicians quickly while limiting training and travel costs
  • Being able to process assistance requests quickly
  • Being able to certify the operations performed once the activity has been completed

Discover the opportunities wearable devices offer in railway maintenance activities

Considering the needs that emerged at the fair, Eye4Task was confirmed as the solution that best responds to market demands. It combines several functions considered ‘key’ for the performance of assistance and maintenance activities in a single solution.

In particular, the functionalities of the product that make the following actions possible were highly appreciated:

Remotely train technicians thanks to the use of wearable devices

Using smart glasses, the technicians with less experience in maintenance can share with a remote expert what they see, speeding up the learning curve through learning by doing.

Provide remote assistance through multiple video calls with the additional possibility of using collaborative tools

The field operators can ask for expert assistance, starting a video call if needed. The expert guides them during the maintenance intervention with additional information and materials. Thanks to multicast calls, technicians may require the remote help of multiple experts to follow and support their activities.

Certify the activities performed

Eye4Task makes it possible to export a report certifying the exact place and time of the activity with georeferenced photos and a digital signature.

Monitor systems thanks to the IoT integration module

The field operator can view the data needed to perform the activity thanks to an integration module that collects data from IoT sensors. The visualized data are recorded and organized in the platform.

All of the above features help to reduce costs while speeding up assistance and maintenance time without losing anything in terms of service quality.
Another relevant feature was the ability to customize Eye4Task and install it on-premises.
For more information on the Eye4Task software, contact us for a free demo.