Eye4Task for maintenance of a plant producing fixtures

Italbacolor is a company that specializes in accessories for window frames production and the transformation of aluminium systems for architecture.

Recently, Italbacolor has successfully tried Eye4Task, tested for the corrective maintenance of a plant that produces window frames.

The use case: corrective maintenance of a plant that produces window frames

The application case was the maintenance of an asset that processes profiles following an interruption. The risk in these cases is that the failure, if it goes on for a long time, may affect other functions and so the problem cannot be handled by the only resource person in the field, adding to costs in both cases..

Dealing with a sudden failure may require the intervention of more experienced personnel to solve the problems.

Plant reactivation using Eye4Task

Eye4Task is the ready2use collaborative platform that facilitates the work of the resource person managing the outage. In fact, the latter will have supporting tools at every stage of the intervention that will ensure that the technician on site can locate the problem quickly and restart the machine independently or by receiving assistance.

Follow preset checklists and instructions

Checklists, procedures and work instructions optimize workflows

Once on site, the resource can follow preset checklists and instructions that will serve as a guide to perform the operation better. The on site technicians can follow them directly on the eyeglass and handle them via voice commands without distraction. If he cannot locate the problem, he can request remote support from an experienced person.

Real-time assistance help to detect and solve the problem faster

If the intervention requires a more thorough inspections, the resource person can rely on the guidance of an expert. Without being on site, the skilled figures will see the asset remotely in real time to indicate the operations for restoration or possible replacement.

Reduces execution time and risk of errors

The advantages of using Eye4Task

Eye4Task solves the main weaknesses of corrective maintenance:

  • longer time for problem identification
  • risk of compromising other functionalities
  • unsuitable personnel to complete the task
  • engagement of more personnel on site

Identify the problem sooner

The ability to show the work area in real time to experienced personnel enables earlier identification of the problem.

Manage the intervention with the help of an expert

Locating the problem sooner is possible, above all, with the help of an experienced person. Without any distractions those working in the field can request via voice commands the support of a remotely connected expert personnel.

Reboot the system faster with Eye4Task

Detecting the problem sooner means solving it sooner and being able to restart the machine more quickly, giving continuity to production.

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