Manufacturing: the Augmented Reality Revolution

Digitization is revolutionizing the manufacturing sector with significant improvements in process optimization and performance. In an ever-changing world, technological innovations enhance human capital. The result? Hi-tech skills and tools provide the solution to error-solving, for example.
Breakdowns, sudden machine stops, malfunctioning equipment, which would risk halting production abruptly. The solution? Investing in innovative AR software enabling remote assistance through wearable devices, without forgetting the centrality of human capital and skills in every company.

In this HeadApp article we discover the advantages of AR technology for the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing industries, what are they?

From food to textiles, from wood to mechanics, to electronics and metal products. Manufacturing is a broad sector that spans many different industries and markets. What they all have in common is the transformation of raw materials into finished products, which constitutes the primary aspect of their activity. Competitiveness is strong in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, investing in the opportunities of the Industry 4.0 means responding to the continuous consumption demand by improving production through innovative technologies.
Industry 4.0 is a new way of producing, with changes in the way people work and in the relationship between consumers and products, while preserving human capital and workers’ skills, of course.
Indeed, recent market studies have shown AR’s enormous potential for upskilling (i.e. training to advance a worker in the same role), as well as for reskilling (training for a different role). Around 58% of companies are choosing (or will choose within the next 4 years) Augmented Reality to help their workers to upskill.

The Digital Revolution for the Manufacturing Sector

Digitization in manufacturing, as in other markets, has several benefits that improve production stages, such as downtime, which could negatively affect the entire production. Thanks to the use of AR-integrated smart glasses, plant operators and companies supplying machinery can offer their customers a remote assistance service, with technicians and experts supporting them remotely, as if they were on site.

According to an Aberdeen research, there are three key reasons why a company invests in new technologies:

  • Increasing efficiency
  • Responding optimally to competition
  • Managing intense labor turnover

With immersive technologies, you can also capture and save data, so that you can both process it and transmit it immediately to field technicians and update the company’s data analytics. Should a disruption in connectivity occur in critical contexts, there is no risk of losing data and instructions.

AR devices allow orientation in space thanks to motion and position sensors. Thus, software connected via Augmented Reality determines what information to provide at each precise location.

Eye4Task for the manufacturing industries

As we have seen, the innovative solutions provided by AR are devised to make the entire production cycle and the product for consumption smart. Moreover, customers can make changes and fix errors on their own. How? By being able to always count on remote assistance, which guarantees real-time solutions guided by remote experts.

Eye4Task, the collaborative platform created by HeadApp, offers advantages in many sectors, such as manufacturing. Let’s discover them!

Field operators wear smart glasses, a “hands-free” solution suitable especially in the most delicate contexts. Thanks to these wearable devices equipped with E4T’s innovative software, technicians can view the procedures directly on their glasses. At their disposal is a real work area with documents, videos, technical information useful to carry out the activity. Thanks to voice commands, they can also request real-time support from remote experts.

The advantages?

  • Integration with corporate ERP
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Reduced production losses
  • Defect-free final product
  • Error detection during pre-production phases.


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