RealWear Navigator 500 and HMT-1: What Differences

RealWear Navigator 500 is the latest wearable device produced by the leader in wearable assisted reality solutions in the industrial sector. This latest generation monocular smart glasses enhances the technical specifications and functionality of the HMT-1.

Compared to the previous model, the Navigator 500 features, for example:

  • Larger storage space
  • Longer camera and battery life (rechargeable, hot-swappable)
  • Greater capacity of active cancellation of environmental noises

So, let’s find out what the technical specifications of this new wearable RealWear device are and how the two models differ.

Navigator 500: Specifications of the New Realwear Smart Glasses

The new device was designed by RealWear to engage, empower, improve the quality and the productivity of professionals in the field.
Here’s the technical specifications of the RealWear Navigator 500:

Camera: 48 MP, 1080p video 60fps
Display Type: LCD
Resolution: 854×480 pixels
FOV: 20 degrees
Memory: 64GB
Noise Cancellation: 100 dB
Weight: 270 grams

Its new modular platform, suited to support multiple use cases, combines with a lightweight robust design. Compared to the HMT-1 weighing 385 grams, the Navigator 500 weighs 270 grams. In addition, it is 22 millimeters wide, versus the 33 mm of the previous device.

It is equipped with 4 digital microphones and advanced algorithms that allow active cancellation of environmental noise before voice recognition.

These are fundamental aspects resulting in concrete advantages for the experts in the field. The RealWear Navigator 500, in fact, improves performance, UX and comfort, even during the longest work shifts.

RealWear Navigator 500: Differences and Similarities with HMT-1

When compared, the two models present some common elements, such as the screen (LCD), the resolution (854×480 pixels) and the FOV (20 degrees). As for the differences, the Navigator 500 features an advanced 48 MP camera, with which users can take high-resolution photos. The HMT-1, on the other hand, has a 16 MP camera.

Both have the same video resolution. However, the latest generation device improves the frame rate from 30fps (HTM-1) to 60fps. This allows the field operator to record clear, sharp images even when making fast movements during the intervention.

The RealWear evolution also shows in the computing power: the Navigator 500, in fact, has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor (HMT-1 Qualcomm Snapdragon 626). Its RAM has been expanded (from 3GB of the HMT-1 to 4GB) and the internal memory has been doubled (64GB compared to 32GB).

In addition, an SD card can be used to expand the RealWear Navigator 500‘s memory up to 512GB (the HMT-1 has up to 256GB).
The Navigator 500’s active noise-canceling microphones can withstand up to 100 dB (HMT-1 stands at 95 dB). So, it can be used even in extremely noisy industrial environments, effectively improving collaboration between field and remote experts. Benefits include increased productivity, reduced travel costs and less downtime.

Comparison Table between the Two Realwear Devices

Here’s the comparison table  highlighting the commonalities and differences between the two RealWear models examined:

Smart glasses RealWear Navigator 500 RealWear HMT-1
Display LCD LCD
Resolution 854×480 pixels 854×480 pixels
FOV 20 degrees 20 degrees
Camera 48 MP, 1080p, 60fps video 16 MP, 1080p, 30fps video
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 Qualcomm Snapdragon 626
Memory 64 GB, 4 GB RAM 32 GB, 3 GB RAM
Weight 272 grams 380 grams
Battery life Up to 8 hours 5-6 hours


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