New growth opportunities with Sourcesense

The acquisition of Eco-Mind and HeadApp by Sourcesense was completed on January 24, 2023.

The company, which operates in the IT sector in Italy and Great Britain, has high expertise in cloud-native solutions based on open-source technology. Since November 2022, it has been an investee company of Poste Italiane, which holds a 70 percent stake.

Poste Italiane will use Sourcesense for the next-generation cloud-native solutions development to support business innovation in Public Administration, above all in Healthcare.

The aims of acquisition

In 2023, Sourcesense intends to increase its presence in the Italian and international markets with its offer of solutions, services, and products on Enterprise Open Source technologies and to continue to represent a fundamental point of reference for the development of Cloud Native solutions and for the implementation of the necessary infrastructure for its customers and the Poste Italiane Group.

Marco Bruni, CEO of Sourcesense commented, “The acquisition of Sourcesense by Poste Italiane will allow us to further accelerate our growth process, in continuity with our planned development plans, both by internal and external lines. The acquisition of Eco-Mind will allow us to preside over high-growth market areas with high-tech products and solutions. We will continue to monitor the market to seize any opportunities that will allow us to increase our portfolio of offerings and professional skills to serve our customers.”

Acquisition opportunities for HeadApp

The acquisition opens up new opportunities for growth and application of our solutions, such as the Eye4Care collaborative platform for telemedicine, already used for remote assistance to caregivers of cancer patients and as a tool for biomedical laboratory activities. And Eye4Task for remote assistance of workforces engaged in the field, already used in industrial sectors for example for remote certifications, for safety at construction sites, for maintenance.

The acquisition opens, therefore, to new opportunities for growth and application of HeadApp solutions, such as Eye4Care.

Massimo Banino, CEO of Eco-Mind commented, “the partnership with Sourcesense is for Eco-Mind the beginning of a new path in which we will be able to capitalize on the experience gained to create value-added services in increasingly innovative and challenging areas. HeadApp was born as a startup focused on using Augmented Reality and Wearable devices to improve the quality of work of those working in the field. We have designed and implemented the Eye4Task platform to manage remote collaboration between experts and operators in remote care, certification, and training and Eye4Care in telemedicine. Together with Sourcesense, we could extend the application of our solutions in areas such as healthcare and public administration.”