New partnership with Leanbit kicks off for innovative customer service

We are pleased to announce a new partnership that will have the Leanbit and HeadApp development teams working together to create a new customer care service.
In particular, Nosco, Leanbit’s customer service platform, will integrate with Eye4Task, HeadApp’s remote assistance platform.

Leanbit and HeadApp: a shared vision

The partnership between Leanbit and HeadApp stems from a shared vision: to create value for customers by integrating two solutions that anticipate the needs of companies in the customer care field. Both born in Italy, Leanbit and HeadApp have in their DNA the ability to listen to the customer and to create customized solutions for the company. Both believe that a high systems’ integrability is the best way to embrace innovation and have competitive products that meet the ever-changing customer needs.

Nosco and Eye4Task: two gears that work together

We can compare customer care to a complex system which is made up of several gears or elements that help the user to solve a problem. The more elements that compose it, the greater the benefits for the customer in terms of resource optimization and problem solving.

Nosco and Eye4Task are exactly this: two gears that work together and, with their specific features, they bring added value to the “customer care” system by innovating and making customer service more efficient.

Nosco is a cloud-based customer management software that enables the assistance department to coordinate activities and manage information to solve a problem.
One of Nosco’s strengths is its omnichannel approach, which puts the customer at the centre of an interconnected system, allowing them not to lose data, optimise resources and speed up time. Every communication channel used by the company, from emails to telephone calls, converges in the Nosco Contact Center module.

With the integration of Eye4Task, the operator will be able to receive real-time assistance on the asset side, and share their view of the work area through smart glasses. Video calling between remote experts and field operators will be supported by collaborative and augmented reality tools.

Nosco and Eye4task use case: the advantages

Let’s consider the case of an industrial machinery manufacturer which exports its products abroad, and also offers installation and maintenance assistance.
The service that the company offers must take into account several critical issues, such as:

  • managing information from different channels
  • acting in a timely manner to avoid prolonged downtime
  • the technicians who are in charge must have specific training and qualifications
  • the distance of the intervention area

Thanks to Nosco, the company’s customer care service processes information about installation and maintenance activities in an organic manner and promptly manages reports from its customers.

With Eye4Task, the company provides real-time remote support to field operators who, thanks to the use of wearable devices, can operate hands-free while they are being assisted by experienced technicians.

Therefore, the integration between Nosco and Eye4Task makes it possible to:

  • manage information in an optimized manner
  • reduce the travel of specialized technicians, and consequently reduce related costs
  • accelerate learning processes in the field

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