Nippon Gases chooses HeadApp smart glasses technology for its process automation

Nippon Gases, one of the leading Italian industrial gas supplier companies, has decided to use HeadApp for the automation of its tank testing processes.
The search for an accurate, high-performance system able to drastically reduce human errors, has lead Nippon Gases to choose Eye4Task, a software guiding specialist through smart glasses during tank maintenance.

Every year, almost 60.000 tanks are tested in the Italian factories of Terni and Chivasso. So far, operators have used Excel to carry out these procedures, wasting a considerable amount of time and running the risk of judgement errors and inaccuracy in compiling documents. With the help of Eye4Tasks, by using tank bar codes, following voice commands, and displaying procedures on the screen, specialists are now able to optimize their operations and to simplify documents compilation . The project, called “WeSmart Cyl” started with a 5-month trial period, during which a software prototype was used to help operators familiarize with the system, without having to write a single code string.After the trial period, the software became fully operational, considerably improving work quality through easy management of the paperwork.


There are many advantages for Nippon Gases deriving from the HeadApp “We Smart Cyl” project:

  • Substantial reduction in manual operations
  • Timesaving, allowing operators to focus on  other tasks during working time.
  • Drastic drop in  human errors than might occur during manual operations.
  • Increase of tank testing carried out by internal operators instead of  external workers
  • Reduced operations costs
  • Data management occurring within the company
  • Process automation ensuring high-quality work performance


Specialists working for Nippon Gases were excited about HeadApp’s effectiveness. Francesco Sciscioli, Productivity and Competitive Advantage Team Manager at Nippon Gases, when discussing the technological revolution that occurred within the firm, said: «In relation to tanks, we know how important manual transcriptions are, so we decided to focus on this task.

In the past, we had to stop in order to enter data in spreadsheets. Now, by using smart glasses we can read the data on the lens and carry out the different operational steps very easily, thanks to voice commands. This has helped us enormously to reduce the time spent on each task».

Luca Ruosi, Project Manager and CRM Manager Europe added: «After various meetings among workers in charge of different tasks, and in order to make the best out of our new technological devices, we decided to review the entire testing procedure, by focusing on the operators. Alongside strictly economic aspects, our goal was to improve the quality of our employees’ work.

This is a very important achievement  for a company like ours that looks to the future by placing productivity and the safety of our workforce at the heart of its activities».

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