Precise and Reliable Calibration with Wearable Devices

Machinery calibration is one of the most important processes to maintain high quality production standards. As a result of digital transformation and heightened competition between companies, the use of smart glasses to calibrate equipment and machines is becoming increasingly widespread in the Industry 4.0.

In effect, AR connected wearable devices make work instructions leaner, faster and more effective, with enormous advantages for companies. Time is reduced. Machine parameters calibration is more precise, accurate and safe.

Smart glasses connected to collaborative platforms such as Eye4Task reduce error margins in measurement deviations. And they offer the opportunity to provide remote assistance! How? Let’s find out together.

Smart Glasses, from Installation to Calibration

Let’s take as an example a glass bottle manufacturing machine requiring calibration. First the machine is assembled; then its installation begins.
Specialized technicians, wearing smart glasses connected to the ready2use Eye4Task platform, check all the activities for the machinery set up. How? They control the check-list the company has created where a grid is available with all the reference values, such as the temperature of the glass firing furnace, material density settings and values, and production speed.

The work instructions are easier, more accurate. There is no need to use a user manual: the on-field technician sees all the photos, videos, the steps to calibrate the glass bottle manufacturing equipment on his smart glasses display.

He works “hands free” with no distractions. If he needs material or information during the calibration process, he can use the voice command. Everything is in front of his eyes. In real time.


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Calibration with Wearable Devices: Advantages

Respecting product quality. Improving the production cycle. Reducing travel costs. Having real time assistance. These are some of the advantages of using wearable devices in companies that have chosen technological innovation to successfully meet the market demands and offer answers and solutions to their clients.

Indeed, while competitiveness is important, it goes hand in hand with the need to offer high quality standard products, without errors. For this reason, machine calibration is fundamental. An operation that must be accurate, reliable and safe.

This is what a Nielsen Research Company survey has revealed. According to the survey, calibrations carried out well and on a regular basis increase companies’ turnover, while preserving the safety of the workers and of the product.

By contrast, incorrect calibrations cost manufacturers an average 1.7 million dollars per year, with negative repercussions on product quality and a sharp decline in turnover. A mistake that, in delicate times like these, can therefore cost companies dearly. Why take the risk?

Eye4Task: How to Improve Machine Calibration

Let’s go back to our glass bottles manufacturing machines. It may happen that an in-house technician is performing the calibration. In order to make sure that the correct parameters are met, he may need to consult with an expert remotely.

With smart glasses equipped with E4T, it is very simple: he just has to connect to the Support Room. Together they launch the production of glass bottles to make sure that the final product meets the requirements.

Another case can be that of a calibration technician who has to give remote assistance to several customers through the Support Room. The opportunity to consult with a specialist is extremely valuable, necessary to produce defect-free bottles without scratches, cracks or smudges.

With Eye4Task, assistance and quality control are carried out quickly and remotely. There are no travel costs for the expert technician. Downtime and errors are reduced and so production continuity is assured.

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