Our Solutions

We develop Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality applications for smart glasses and wearable devices that fully integrate with ERP, CRM, PLM and with Industrial IoT platforms. We implement existing business IT systems with some of the main enabling technologies for the 4.0 Industry (Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics, Simulation).

  • cloud-computing@3x
    Cloud computing

    Cloud native (Kubernetes-based) App development on both public (Amazon AWS e Google GCP) and private cloud

  • augmented-reality@3x
    AR and MR Solutions

    AR App development for smartphones and smart glasses (native and hybrid with Unity + Vuforia SDK) and MR App for Hololens

  • virtual-reality@3x
    Immersive experiences

    Virtual scenarios development and 3D animation with Unity, for customized interactive training environments.