Smart Glasses: How To Sanitize your AR Device

With the pandemic, the use of smart glasses and wearable devices has increased. The most innovative companies had already begun to adopt these devices, but beacause of COVID-19, more and more firms have discovered the benefits of these “hands-free” solutions.

For sure, one thing we’ve learned as a result of the this pandemic is the need to work in protected, clean environments. So, alongside masks and other personal protective devices, sanitizing smart glasses, VR goggles, tablets and other shared devices has become a priority.

So, how to clean and sanitize smart glasses and wearable devices? Let’s find out together in this HeadApp article.

Increased Use of Smart Glasses, the Importance of Disinfection

COVID-19 has prompted many companies to invest in smart glasses. Indeed, “hands-free” solutions during this pandemic have proven to be essential to shorten the distance and ensure high-quality performance standards.

For instance, let’s think of the advantages wearable devices offer in the management of the entire production cycle, in the training of operators, as well as in logistics and remote machinery maintenance. The opportunity to use these devices has become a plus during the  pandemic.

New regulations, difficulties in moving around, and health protection have also changed the way people work. Of course, for companies already taking part in the digital transformation, things has been easier.

The difficulty for experts to physically reach the place where the inspection or intervention take place has served as an input for the adoption of smarter, high-tech solutions. In effect, real-time assistance to technicians on the field  is one of the reasons that led companies to implement the use of wearable devices equipped with Augmented Reality software such as Eye4Task.

What to Do to Sanitize Wearable Devices

Let’s face it: over the past year, we’ve been paying more attention to our work environment, as well as to all the equipment we use at work. Especially if we share it with other colleagues. The important thing is to follow some basic rules.

Washing your hands often, maintaining social distance, using masks and other personal protective devices are essential to avoid contagion. But how to sanitize smart glasses and Virtual Reality goggles?

To clean wearable devices, first you must disconnect them from any cables or accessories. Then remove the cases and peripherals from the device, and clean them separately.
Once turned off, move on to cleaning the smart glasses. Take a microfiber cloth and 70% isopropyl alcohol. Transparent in color, it evaporates quickly and leaves no residue on the external surfaces of your devices.

After disinfecting your hands, gently clean the displays of your smart glasses and goggles with a soaked towel. These simple steps will you take little time, but will ensure that the devices are clean and safe for the health of all those who use them.

Sanitizing Smart Glasses: Substances to Avoid

We have seen how important it is to use clean devices with easy-to-find products, especially if we share them with other people. Don’t be too eager to disinfect the displays of smart glasses and goggles, though.  You could make mistakes and end up damaging them.

So here’s what to avoid to safeguard wearable devices, as well as tablets and smartphones:

  • Do not use bleach-based disinfectants, solvents and chloroform. These aggressive substances can damage the external surfaces of these devices;
  • Don’t clean smart glasses and wearable devices when turned on or connected to cables or peripherals;
  • Avoid sanitizing them with compressed air or abrasive sponges
  • Do not pour any cleaning liquid directly onto the display of smart glasses. Also remember not to immerse them directly into the cleaner.

This “quick guide” will help you sanitize wearable devices, which we now know bring considerable advantages, especially with the travel limitations imposed by COVID-19.

But we’re confident that even after this pandemic ends – hopefully soon – the use of smart glasses in various industries will continue to grow, since they help cut down transfer costs and ensure performance efficiency through remote assistance.

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