The maintenance of a terrestrial headend amplifier with Eye4Task

Capitan Antenna is a company which specializes in antennas and electronics. In particular, it advises technicians on installation and maintenance.

Their search for cutting-edge solutions to solve common doubts and problems has led to their path crossing that of HeadApp. 

In fact, Capital Antenna has recently made use of the Eye4Task platform for testing and maintenance of a terrestrial headend amplifier.

Use case: The maintenance of a programmable headend

The case of application was the maintenance of a programmable headend with the addition of new channels. A frequent maintenance intervention that requires the presence of a specialized technician on site, who has the skills and experience to manage any unforeseen events.

Adding new channels with Eye4Task on smartphones

During maintenance work, the setting of the headend can include a total or partial reconfiguration and verification of the performance indicator.

Eye4Task on a smartphone allows the technician to carry out the intervention much more easily and in less time due to the available functions that the app offers.

Checklists and instructions directly on the device

The use of Eye4Task allows technicians to pre-load the instructions by creating specific checklists for each type of intervention. In this way, they can follow the instructions directly on the device, without distractions, and significantly reducing the risk of making mistakes.

Continue the intervention, even in case of poor connectivity

Connectivity during maintenance work is not always guaranteed, so the technician may risk not having access to useful content and information at the moment of the intervention.
In cases of poor connectivity, Eye4Task still works and allows the service technician to continue without interruptions.

Remote expert support in real time

During the configuration of the control centre, the technician on site may need to talk to an expert colleague before operating the machine. With Eye4Task, the technician can request remote support by contacting the platform’s Support Room.

The remote expert will be able to see in real time, wherever he is, the configuration of the headend, check the accuracy of the data for each parameter and suggest what to do.

The advantages of using Eye4Task

The advantages of the Eye4Task platform concern the work quality of the technicians who carry out maintenance services and, therefore, the performance and results of the company itself.

In one single solution, Eye4Task acts along the training of the employees, and on the execution of the interventions which will be much smoother, organized and monitored at every stage.

Speed up training with Eye4Task

Eye4Task establishes a type of collaboration that is based on the sharing of knowledge during the performance of a practical activity. This increases the competence of the on-site technician, and also the training, development and field-work of less expert technicians are promoted.

Smoother processes

The access to information and documents even with poor connectivity reduces the duration of interventions. Checklists, procedures and work instructions optimize workflows and speed up time. The possibility of showing the work area to experienced technicians in real time reduces the risk of error.

Certified interventions

With Eye4Task, all maintenance activities are tracked, and therefore, the entire intervention is certified. There is a complete log of the intervention, which also includes geotagged photos and timestamps.

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