The new HeadApp website is online

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The new HeadApp website is online. Now, only the English version is available but the Italian one will be coming soon. The website, with its new layout, will guide you to discover our virtual and augmented reality solutions to see beyond your skills as mentioned by the payoff we have chosen to tell about our mission, the potential of Eye4Training and Eye4Task. The added sections tell about our products more in detail exploring the sectors and uses of Eye4Task and Eye4Training.


From the main menu, the Industry section will allow you to choose your Industry of reference to find out how our solutions can concretely help your business.

Industry groups include Maintenance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Logistics, Energy and Public Utility. After a brief overview on each page dedicated to the Industry, you will find the list of all the advantages connected to the use of augmented reality and follow the use cases in which our solutions have been or could be adopted with excellent results.

What challenges can you face with Eye4Task? Find out here.


In the pages dedicated to Eye4Task and Eye4Training after an overview of the product and its benefits you will discover how it works and its main features.
Eye4Task is an open platform, adaptable and integrated with company systems connecting experts with remote workers anywhere and providing them with all the information they need to do their job to the best. The Eye4Task, 100% cloud infrastructure, does not require any type of installation since it allows access to the platform from any device with a browser. This type of infrastructure can be used with a plug&play approach, eliminating the time required to implement the solution.

With Eye4Training the reality becomes a virtual space. Using virtual reality we create a new environment and a realistic scenario for different fields and organizations. We design detailed 3d models of real objects that workers can use on our platform to learn how to carry out specific tasks in dangerous situations.


If you want to try a preview of our solutions or ask for a quotation based on the needs of your company you can do it directly on our website. We have included plans in the product pages. Essential, Advanced and Ultimate.

Essential for companies with field operators that might need Support without hands-free facility requirement. Advanced for the organization with multi-activity field operations & Centralized skills that don’t need hands free facility requirement. Ultimate for Enterprises that need a deep remote collaboration, with high interaction demanding & hands-free facility requirement.


We will go on updating our blog with the latest realizations, telling you about new projects and partnerships. Stay tuned and above all take a look at our web site and follow us on our social media.