VTM 2022:  Eye4Task’s Concrete Approach

Focusing on technological innovation to boost development and make the automotive and transport industry more competitive. This was the central theme of the 2022 edition of the VTM, which finally took place in person after the pandemic.

On March 30 and 31, the Officine Grandi Riparazioni venue in Turin hosted more than 300 companies, 136 Purchasing and R&D departments represented by 210 buyers, and 3,500 B2B meetings. Among these was also HeadApp which presented Eye4Task, its collaborative platform for on-field operations.

So how did international buyers and companies at VTM 2022 welcome this “ready2use” platform? We discussed it with Marco Zanella, Business Development & Sales at HeadApp.

Automotive Digitalization: the Culture of Concreteness

The two days of the “Vehicle and Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings 2022” showed a preview of innovative products designed for smarter and more sustainable mobility. It was an important occasion for both business and for discussing current issues, skills, and progress in the automotive sector. This is a leading sector of the Italian economy that, however, in the last two years of health emergency has encountered serious difficulties.

The post-COVID-19 pandemic calls into question the notion of rebirth; this applies well to the automotive industry, which has never stopped focusing on innovation to meet the challenges of the future. What insights did the 2022 edition of the only business convention in Italy dedicated to the automotive and transportation industry highlight?

“At VTM, the desire to combine innovation with concreteness emerged. We need to adopt solutions that are pragmatic and that make companies more competitive internationally. In this sense, HeadApp is working with its customers to spread the culture of concreteness. Indeed, we aim to focus on the results that we can obtain from the right use of technology, compared to the ‘wow’ effects of non-scalable solutions,” says Zanella.

Eye4Task at VTM 2022: Feedback from Buyers and Companies

“At our stand, visitors were able to test Eye4Task. We “challenged” them to use this application autonomously to fully understand its implementation speed in the various operational scenarios. This was precisely one of our main drivers when we designed Eye4Task. The operator in the field often uses our application in urgent conditions and extremely complex situations.

Therefore, ease of use and intuitiveness are paramount. In our paradigm, the operator must be guided in the use of the application without distracting his attention from his main objective, which is to perform his activity in safety”, continues HeadApp Business Development & Sales.

What feedback has Eye4Task received from professionals? “What they especially appreciated was the opportunity to test with their hands, or more properly without hands, a solution that, although with a very high innovative component, was extremely pragmatic and able to meet the needs of today’s industry. This was precisely the link with the VTM event theme”.

How to Combine Enabling Technologies and Human Expertise

“Useful, immediately available solutions, products, and services, with technology not as a goal but as a necessary means to make the business fabric more competitive. Therefore, a real, tangible goal. Eye4Task realizes this vision with enabling technologies such as augmented reality, the Cloud, streaming, and wearable devices, using the indications coming from all the customers who are adopting it as its guideline “.

Indeed, our customers’ suggestions and feedback have been truly helpful in the latest redesign and new tools for this collaborative platform that connects technicians and experts remotely.

It’s common to think of industrial automation as a process that will no longer require the presence of workers. As if in these contexts and the not too distant future, human expertise will no longer be necessary or useful.

“Wherever you find connected machinery and industrial plants, there is always a need for human oversight. A combination that should not be reduced, but strengthened to achieve the best results in terms of productivity, performance, cost reduction, and business.

HeadApp has developed solutions that connect human skills between them to simplify the dissemination and ‘hands-free’ use through smart glasses connected to Eye4Task.

It is a remote support technology for field experts, even in critical and delicate contexts, that allows us to accelerate workflows and decision-making processes, leveraging AR and enabling technologies,” Zanella concludes.


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